5 Reason to Use Security Film on Your Glass Windows

The windows of your home or business are one of the most fragile parts there are. Thieves and robbers are keen to use this weak spot to get in and do their dirty work. This makes security film a natural choice for those who want to feel a bit more secure when they are away. But this type of film protects from more than just burglars.

The first reason to use security film is your family

Your treasured ones deserve to have a good future. Security film can be an integral part of that. The remarkable extra strength of a window that has had this type of film is impressive. This means your business and your belongings are behind an invisible barrier that is very hard to break.

Burglaries can cost you more than you might think, and a thief that takes a crowbar or center punch to the window will still have a hard time getting through a window with this tough film applied. Security film is tough enough to repel many hard hits and still not let a robber get in. The good news about this type of film is that there is no problem seeing through it. Even though the window has been toughened up, the film is invisible when applied by a professional. This also contributes to safety while you and your loved ones are inside.

Natural disasters can be partially mitigated by security film

How many times have you heard that it is not good to stand by a window during a tornado? There is a good reason for this. Tornadoes can produce winds from 40 to 318 miles per hour. When taking into consideration that branches break off at the lower 40 miles per hour, then standing by the window can be dangerous during a hard storm or tornado conditions. Security film strengthens the window significantly from these things. For those that live in areas of frequent storms or tornadoes, it is a good idea to have security film applied to protect from a branch being blown through the window. It is not just tornadoes that can be dangerous. The northeast parts of the United States, have storms named after their locality. The “Nor’Easter”, as it is called, can produce winds of up to 70 miles an hour, easily breaking off tree limbs that could be sent through an unprotected window.

Using security film to protect from scratches

Large windows, especially for businesses, can be expensive to buy. For those who live in or have a business in a high-crime area, security film can protect from intentional scratches. Protecting the outside of the window from unscrupulous people who would maliciously use their ring to scratch the window is a smart idea. The plastic of the film will be applied to the outside of the window. The person who is intentionally trying to scratch it can not see it. Applying their diamond ring or another device to scratch the window itself will not happen. They will be scratching the security film, not the glass.

Protecting glass from graffiti

Vandals that enjoy spraying their messages on the walls and windows of businesses and homes are a true nuisance in some cities. Security film can be a way to mitigate their attacks. The film is not going to let the paint from vandals like this get through to the valuable glass behind. For areas that are prone to being patrolled by gangs who like to “mark their turf”, applying security film is a great idea. The film can be removed and replaced to restore normal use of the window.

Protecting from bomb blasts

Security film is used in places that are at high risk of an explosion. The extra coating of film on the window will not allow the window to break in hundreds of tiny pieces during a bomb blast. This is a great service for police departments in areas of high crime. The men and women serving the community will not have flying glass going into their eyes in small shards during a bomb blast. This is because the film will absorb the brunt of the blast. Remarkably, the window will break, but stay glued together with the film’s adhesive.

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