5 Reasons To Outsource Your Contact Center

When you’ve spent a long time building up your business, it can be tempting to try and retain full control of every single aspect of it.

However, by doing this, you can end up hurting your business because you are retaining ownership of business areas that aren’t in your field of expertise or in your field of interest.

By outsourcing customer service to a qualified third-party provider, you can provide significant benefits both to you and your customers.

1.   Cost savings

When you engage with a third-party customer service provider, you pay them a flat rate, and they provide you with all of the customer service operatives that you need. You don’t need to worry about recruiting, training, or replacing employees when they leave.

According to Investopedia, the cost of hiring a new employee is $4,129 on average. In a high turnover area like customer service, this can soon mount up. Because of this cost, you can actually save money by outsourcing your contact center.

2.   Cross channel expertise

Customers expect to be able to communicate with a business in whichever way they choose, whether that’s by phone, email, live chat, or in person. If a customer can’t communicate with a business using their preferred method, this can actually be a reason to take their businesses elsewhere.

Most businesses are closely competitive on price and service, so the available contact methods can really be make or break.

By engaging with a third-party provider, you won’t need to worry about setting up multiple channels and staffing them, which can be costly, particularly if you are a small business.

3.   Customer service experience

Third-party providers have made customer service their area of expertise, which means that they are constantly working to improve.

Customer Direct has combined customer service with business intelligence, meaning that not only can they provide great service to your customers, but they can also provide insights to you on which interactions have been the most successful. You can then use this information when formulating your business strategies.

4.   Scalability

This is a particular concern for new and emerging businesses. If you have just carried out a highly successful promotion, you will need extra contact center personnel to deal with the additional influx of calls, but you can’t guarantee that the increased call volumes will continue for long enough to justify having a lot of extra full-time staff members. You don’t want to run the risk of having a lot of extra employees who are no longer needed.

By using a third party, you can scale the number of staff you have available to you up and down depending on your business needs at the time.

5.   Focus on your core business

Allowing a third party to worry about your customer’s service means that you can focus your attention on your core business.

Switching between multiple tasks actually costs a lot more energy and concentration than you might think, so you’re not only losing the time you’ve to spend focused on customer service, you’re also losing additional time as your brain switches between tasks.

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