5 Tips To Hiring A Moving Company

Moving is a challenging task in itself. Most people have gone through frustrating experiences while moving their stuff from one premise to another. Different companies have identified the need for easy moving and have come up with moving services to meet this need. However, not all companies are to be trusted.

If you’re looking to move, you need to work the best moving service provider. So here are 5 tips to hiring a moving company:

  1.   Ensure That The Moving Company Is Genuine

With the rise of many scam companies in the market offering services today, it would be quite unfortunate for you to hire a moving company before performing due diligence to ascertain that the company is genuine.

Do a background check on it. Find out with the relevant regulatory authority whether the company is registered and licensed to offer moving services. It doesn’t end there though.

Go a step further and actually visit their offices and fully determine that the company is in fact genuine and in existence. Don’t just settle for a company’s online presence. It would be such a tragedy to hire a company to come and pick up your stuff only for them to disappear without you having a point of reference to trace them.

  1.   Know The Resources They Have Beforehand

Moving requires that there be sufficient resources that are able to carry all your stuff from one point to another. You’ll want to hire a moving company that has big enough trucks that will adequately pack high quantity and bulky items and transport them in a way that they won’t get damaged.

  1.   Find Out If They Do Interstate Moving

You may be moving from one state to another and this will require that you hire a moving company that is accredited to offer moving services across different states. This will save you a lot of strain of your items being withheld and you having to pay unnecessary fines because the company doesn’t have the rights to offer interstate moving services.

  1.   Find Out If The Company Is Insured

A lot can happen during the process of moving from one place to another. Moving trucks may be involved in an accident and your stuff gets destroyed, or worse still a carjacking incident may happen and your stuff just disappears in the hands of robbers.

Knowing that the moving company has a valid insurance cover to cater for any unexpected negative turn of events will give you the peace of mind that your items are secure and you won’t suffer any losses whatsoever.

  1.   Know Their Pricing System

You don’t want a situation where your stuff has been moved to your new premise and the bill is handed over to you only to realize that it’s more than what you initially expected. Before you hire that moving company, it’s important that you first get a moving service quote from them.

It would be a plus if they would visit your premise, survey all the stuff that you need to move, then give you a cost breakdown of the services they’ll offer you. This way you’ll have no unexpected additional costs once the work is done.


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