6 Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked

Millions of people each year get plastic surgery to correct an aesthetic issue or as a corrective procedure after a serious illness or injury. Not surprisingly, there are many misconceptions about these procedures that are very common. Here are six popular plastic surgery myths that have been debunked.

Myth #1: Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are the Same

Often, when a person talks about plastic surgery, they assume it means someone is getting a procedure done simply to make themselves feel better. In other words, many people have the belief that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are one and the same. However, while cosmetic surgery is simply about making you look better and possibly feel better about yourself, plastic surgery is so much more than that. Reconstructive surgery is a huge component of plastic surgery. It is used to correct damage caused by a disease or serious injury or even a birth defect. For example, if a woman has battled breast cancer and had a mastectomy, plastic surgery can help her to regain tissue where her breast once was with a breast reconstruction procedure.

Myth #2: Plastic Surgery is Dangerous

It’s a myth that plastic surgery is dangerous. While any surgical procedure does carry some risks, today’s plastic surgeons are more advanced than ever. Additionally, the procedures they perform are less invasive and safer than they’ve ever been thanks to advancements in medical technology. Those procedures that are minimally or non-invasive pose the least risk of all. Many plastic surgeons specialize in these types of techniques to provide their patients with an overall better experience and better, longer lasting results.

Myth #3: Plastic Surgery is Only for Vain People

Throughout the history of plastic surgery, many people have held the longstanding belief that it is only for vain people. However, plastic surgery is often done for medical purposes as it can correct issues that arise as a result of illness or accidents, as previously mentioned. It is not simply about vanity and satisfying one’s need to look better or achieve “perfection.” In addition, some patients who receive plastic surgery for these purposes are young children and even babies, who have not yet grown old enough to even have a sense of vanity.

Myth #4: Only Rich People Get Plastic Surgery

Another common myth that’s been debunked is that only rich people get and can afford plastic surgery. In reality, many procedures are affordable and some are covered by insurance or even charitable organizations. For example, there are two charitable organizations known as Operation Smile and Smile Train that pay for plastic surgery for children who have cleft palates and whose parents cannot afford to pay for the procedure.

Myth #5: Only Women Get Plastic Surgery

Most often, when people think about plastic surgery, they automatically associate it strictly with women. However, over the years, more and more men have also opted for plastic surgery. While women still account for the higher percentage of patients who receive procedures, men are also getting into the act and getting a variety of plastic surgery treatments.

Myth #6: The Results of Plastic Surgery Last Forever

There is another big misconception that the results of plastic surgery can last forever. While many procedures can have results that are long-lasting, they don’t all last forever. It takes work on the part of the patient to retain their results. For example, if you have undergone liposuction to lose weight, you will have to make some serious lifestyle changes such as exercising and modifying your diet. It’s still possible to regain the weight you’ve lost if you don’t do your part.

These are six myths about plastic surgery that have been debunked. If you are considering getting a procedure, you are certainly not alone. You are in good company as millions seek plastic surgery annually.

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