6 Reasons to Travel to the American Southwest this Winter

In truth, most anywhere in the US is beautiful in the winter. New York, for instance, offers its big city Christmas glitz, and Florida floods with winter escapees looking for a good time. But there’s something uniquely great about the American Southwest in the winter.

Locales that can seem unbearably hot in the winter drop in degrees to a nice, balmy temperature. The natural scenery, sometimes overloaded with tourists in the summer, is on clear and uninterrupted display. And the part of America known for its wild west still knows how to have a good time when the sun goes down.

This winter, consider a trip through the American Southwest. And if you aren’t yet convinced, take a look at the following:

Stunning Natural Beauty

The vast, rugged reds and yellows of the landscape make for a fantastic road trip. And if you come to the Southwest, there’s no way you’re missing the vastest, most rugged landscape of them all: the Grand Canyon. The iconic national park is jaw dropping in the winter, as the clear, cold air pulls every nook and cranny into focus.

Delicious Food

Mexican American food is the name of the game here, with abundant green chillies and flour tortillas. And remember, when you’re packing for the Southwest, pack an appetite – portions here are some of the biggest in the US.

Endless Activities

There is no shortage of things to do in the Southwest; you could fill a full book with fun party ideas in Scottsdale and Phoenix alone, let alone the rest of the region. Get in the Southwest spirit, with Wild West-style activities like axe throwing or horseback riding. Just don’t mix the two!

High Rolling

Any road trip through the American Southwest understands that, when you get to Southern Nevada, you have to take a gamble. Las Vegas is truly one of the most distinct cities in America (if not the most distinct), and you have to go at least once before you die. Massive, flashy casino floors, lavish buffets, huge celebrity acts and enough booze to fill the Colorado River.

Escape From the Cold

Temperatures range from mild to milder in the Southwest winter, with a patch or two of cold here and there. Expect temperatures around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. It definitely beats the “hotter than the sun” 100s that the Southwest hits in the summertime.

The Wild West

Roll like a tumbleweed into famous towns like Tombstone, Telluride, Kanab and Silver City. Drink a glass of whisky at the local saloon, tip the barman and hit the dusty trail for high noon. Part of the pleasure of traveling the Southwest is that it is steeped in distinctly American history. If you aren’t sure which towns to see, ask a local – they will likely be more than happy to direct you to their favorite historical town or monument.

The Southwest in the winter has beauty, thrills and (mild) chills. It’s the perfect region for a winter road trip or Christmas vacation.

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