6 Things to Know About Moving to Boulder, Co.

Boulder, Colorado is known for many things. In particular, the city is very close to the metropolis of Denver and on the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. In addition, it is the center of a large college town community with progressive values and a tendency to those who love the outdoors. 

  1. The Unique Weather

You might not have guessed that Boulder actually is a very sunny place. In fact, more than 300 days a year have sun, which is nearly the same as Phoenix. Of course, this doesn’t equal the same kind of heat. Winter can start later than other places in January, while the mountain breeze from the Rockies keeps the area from getting too warm. The city does experience more than 80 inches of snow per season, though.

  1. Eclectic People

Since Boulder is both a college town and has a close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and other nature, the town attracts a wide assortment of people. The busy Pearl Street area has all kinds of street performers and the city is bustling with people exercising.

Furthermore, Boulder is a major hub for government research and is actually the home of more PHD’s per capita than anywhere else in America. The University of Colorado Boulder boasts about 34,000 students so you can’t miss their presence. Finally, the city is home to a plethora of holistic centers and marijuana dispensaries are also a large part of the culture of Boulder.

  1. Strong Food Culture

Boulder is home to a very strong food culture. There are many tasting events throughout Boulder, while the selection for those who are vegan and vegetarian is strong. Like the rest of Colorado, Boulder also has a strong craft beer culture and is home to companies like Avery Brewery.

  1. There are many Ways to Getting Around Boulder

Boulder is known for its extensive biking system. The city is filled with bike paths and Boulder B-Cycles that can be rented to get around. Of course, the city has a strong skiing culture as well, and is also host to over 110 miles of hiking and walking trails. This is also a huge plus for the large population of dog owners in the city, another area in which the city is known. Finally, Boulder has a midrange sized public transit system called the RTD in addition to many buses that allows for easy commuting to nearby areas.

  1. Housing in Boulder is Not Cheap

Living in Boulder is not cheap. The cost of living is a 167 with the norm being 100, so living in the city can certainly be pricey. The biggest reason for this high number is the cost of housing. An average home costs about $738,400 according to Best Places. Studio apartments are on average $1287 and a 1 bedroom is $1412 on average. The reason that these costs are fairly high is the city is going through a large amount of gentrification, has its own character, and is still very close to Denver.

  1. Boulder is Becoming a Tech Hub

In recent years, both Denver and Boulder have been morphing into hubs for tech startups. There are numerous jobs with the tech companies listed, and that has helped to spur the growth of the city. In fact, the city has more high tech startups per capita than anywhere else in the country, according to a recent article via Inc. The perfect storm of climate, proximity to another big city, college culture, and emphasis on the environment make this a logical place to claim that title.

Overall, it is important to realize both the pros and cons of Boulder if you are interested in moving there. The city is a truly unique place and should not be overlooked as a place to live if it makes sense for you.

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