7 Simple Tips for Preserving Your AC Unit This Hot Summer

Who doesn’t love the arrival of summer, with all its possibilities for outdoor activities and restful days at home? To keep the happiness going, make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly and will keep both you and your family cool all season long.

1. Change Your AC Air Filters Regularly

One of the easiest ways you can help preserve your AC unit over the hot summer months is to change out your air filters on a regular basis. Your AC constantly circulates air throughout your home, bringing in the new and taking out the old. As old air is channeled to the air handler, it first passes through your individual air filters. While the air filter traps particulates that could end up damaging your ac unit, it often gets clogged. This leads to less efficiency and puts a strain on your overall air conditioning system.

Take it upon yourself to find the right type of filter that is a best fit for your particular AC unit and make regularly scheduled changes. Buy your filters in bulk so you always have them on hand. Place a sticker on your refrigerator of the date you last changed the filter, or schedule it on your calendar and set reminders on your phone.

2. Schedule an Annual Maintenance Check

While there are several things you can do yourself to preserve your AC unit and keep it in functioning order, there may be potential problems you are unaware of. This is why scheduling an annual maintenance check by a professional is highly recommended. This check will not only look for potential trouble but will also provide a tune-up of sorts for your AC unit, which includes cleaning out the overall system.

3. Clean Out the Outdoor AC Unit Location

Ideally, your AC unit will be located in a shaded spot outside your home and free of any piled up debris. Check on it regularly and remove any grasses, plants, or weeds that have grown up around it. These can often block the airflow. Also, make sure you remove any debris surrounding the unit, allowing nothing to interfere with its proper functioning.

4. Keep Indoor Vents Unblocked

Locate each of your indoor air supply vents and make sure they are unblocked in order to maintain efficiency. Move rugs or furniture to allow the air to flow fully and naturally. Also, vacuum the areas surrounding the vents regularly to keep out dust and debris.

5. Consider Adding a Smart Thermostat

Develop the practice of varying your thermostat setting based on whether you are home or not. This will save additional wear and tear on your AC unit in the long run. Also, consider adding a smart thermostat so you can regulate it while away from home.

6. Turn on Those Ceiling Fans

Turn on available ceiling fans to help with overall airflow. These fans will direct the air to flow downwards, preventing the hot air from rising and alerting the AC unit to kick on again. Utilizing ceiling fans can usually keep a room cooler, which means you can set your thermostat a few degrees warmer.

7. Seal Cracks in Doors and Windows

Make it easier for your air conditioning unit to work properly by sealing any openings or cracks in doors and windows throughout your house. These openings and cracks allow the cold air to seep out, causing your AC unit to work harder and longer to keep it cool. You may even want to consider replacing your current windows and doors with more energy-efficient ones.

Taking the necessary time to care for your AC Unit during the hot summer months ahead will not only help keep you cooler but will also help your AC continue to function properly in the long run.

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