7 Unexpected Benefits of Switching to Vapor

Whether or not vaping is better than smoking has sparked some massive debates in recent times, but they are mainly focused on politics and health. Although Public Health England have shown that vaping puts individuals at a huge 95% lower health risk than smoking when it comes to the main smoking-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke, the reasons beside these are rarely mentioned when it comes to why smokers should consider making the switch.

Of course, you are probably concerned about your health – it’s one of the biggest reasons why people choose to quit cigarettes in the first place. But, when it comes to vaping, you’ll also notice a wider range of further benefits that you may not have even realised when you made the decision to use an e-cigarette. Aside from a lower health risk, no smoker’s cough and easier breathing, vaping can improve other areas of your life massively. We’ve listed some benefits that you’ll likely notice straight away when you switch to vaping.

#1. It’s More Convenient:

Although e-cigarettes are treated just the same as regular cigarettes in many public places around the UK, this doesn’t mean that it’s just as inconvenient as smoking. When you smoke a cigarette, there are several different factors that you’ll need to worry about. These could be as small as the direction of the wind when you light your cigarette or finding somewhere to safely and cleanly dispose of the butt when you are finished. On the other hand, vapers don’t need to worry about any of these things. No matter where you are, your e-cigarette won’t create any mess and you won’t need to worry about the wind when you vape, either. If you’re vaping at home or in your car, there’s no longer any need to worry about causing burn marks or keeping ash off your clothing and belongings.

#2. There’s No Nasty Smell:

Some people don’t mind or even notice the vapor from an e-cigarette, whilst others can be a little more sensitive to the smell. However, something that both smokers and non-smokers will likely be able to agree on is that vapers smell much better than smokers. When you smoke, the nasty odour lingers on your clothes and person, and also around the area where you had your cigarette. Smoking near an open door or window can mean that the smell makes its way inside and irritates the people indoors, no matter how polite you’re trying to be with your habit. On the other hand, the smell of e-cigarette vapor is usually sweeter and more synthetic, and it won’t linger in the air or on your person for anywhere near as long. Switching to vaping means that you can smell fresher and cleaner whilst still getting your fix of nicotine.

#3. You’ll Save Money:

One of the biggest benefits that you’ll likely notice immediately is that vaping will save you money. In comparison to the often £10 and more price of a pack of cigarettes these days, vaping is relatively inexpensive. Although you’ll still need to make an initial investment in a kit that could cost anything from £20 to over £100 depending on how much you’re willing to spend, don’t forget that you’ll quickly make that money back when you don’t buy cigarettes for a few days or weeks. Regular costs involved with vaping are also relatively small, with e-liquid and coils that tend to only need replacing every couple of weeks to a month depending on your vaping habits. E-liquid costs anything from a few pounds to around £20 for a bottle depending on the brand and size, whilst coils are even cheaper.

#4. Vaping is Less Disruptive:

Whether you’ve been smoking for a short time or quite a while, you can probably remember at least one time where you’ve had to interrupt a meeting, a family gathering, your work or another occasion by having to step outside for a smoke. This isn’t always convenient for you, and it’s certainly no fun for the people you are with who don’t smoke and therefore can’t join you. Although there will definitely be times where you’ll need to step outside to vape, it’s easier to make your vape session last as short or as long as you need. There’s no need to wait for your cigarette to be finished and you won’t find yourself rushing as often. In your own life, there are many situations where you can continue vaping whilst you get on with your daily activities. Since there’s no need to worry about the mess or the smell, you can vape at home or in your car without having to be taken away from what you are doing.

#5. There are More Options Available:

Whilst there is certainly no shortage of cigarette brands to choose from, most cigarettes simply tend to taste the same. On the other hand, vapers enter a world of maximum choice when it comes to e-liquid flavours and types. Whether you want a plain tobacco flavoured e-liquid or a brand that tastes like your favourite sweets, you’re sure to find exactly what you want. There’s never a boring moment with vaping, as you can switch your flavours up every day if you want, or even mix them together to come up with new exciting flavours that you love. Once you’ve gotten a feel for what the vaping industry has to offer, you’ll realise that there are more options for customisation and personalisation than ever. Instead of sticking to the same cigarette brands, you can adjust your experience to suit you perfectly. Head to Grey Haze, a vape shop UK that has everything you need to make your vaping experience your own.

#6. Vaping is More Accepted:

Whilst there will always be people who don’t like either smoking or vaping, you will quickly find that vaping is more acceptable to most people, particularly in social situations. You can walk down the street with your vape and you’re less likely to encounter people stepping out of your way or avoiding you because they don’t want to breathe in your second-hand smoke. Your non-smoking friends and family members are likely going to be more accepting of you vaping inside their homes than they would if you lit up a cigarette, and might even step outside with you for a vape since they don’t mind the smell.

#7. Getting What You Need is Convenient:

If you’ve ever found yourself awake in the middle of the night without any cigarettes, you’ll know just how frustrating this can be. Although you are less likely to find 24-hour shops selling the vape accessories that you need, this is certainly made up for in other ways. Unlike cigarettes, you can find several online vape stores that offer next-day delivery, and since e-liquid tends to last quite a while, staying stocked up is easier than ever. Add that to the growing number of bricks-and-mortar vape stores that are extending their opening times until late into the night, and you’ll find that getting what you need has never been more convenient.

Switching to vaping isn’t just beneficial for your health, it can also improve your life in several other ways!

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