8 Special Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones


Losing a loved one is never easy. Even when the loss is expected, grieving is still not an easy process to go through. It can be hard to say goodbye, and through the years humans have tried to come up with ways to honor and remember their loved ones after they have gone on. From memorial trees and learning new hobbies to wearing old keepsakes and cremation diamonds, there are many special ways to remember your loved  ones.

A Memorial  Garden

If your loved one enjoyed working outside in nature, or looking at beautiful flowers, a memorial garden could be the perfect way to remember your loved ones. Memorial Gardens are a way to remember your loved ones that can provide a sense of healing. If you plant perennials, they will die in the winter and come back in the spring. Every year without fail, you will have a reminder of your loved one. This will also be a place to sit and reflect, or to work hard maintaining the garden. If working hard helps you to focus, a memorial garden can be a beautiful way to honor that  memory




A keepsake  ring

If gardening is not your favorite activity, or your loved one did not have a green thumb, there are other options. When our loved ones leave us, they do not take their possessions with them. A way to remember those people is to keep an heirloom. This could be a pair of earrings, a ring, a watch, a scarf, anything that makes you think of that person. Having something that reminds you of them can help you feel closer to them whenever you wear it or even see it. Even if it doesn’t do that, it can help you remember the times you saw your loved one wearing that bright blue scarf or those ridiculous earrings. These pieces can help you keep those memories alive, and are a special way to remember your loved  ones.

Cremation Diamonds


Cremation Diamond from a loved one  ashes

A trend that is becoming more popular in recent years is the creation of diamonds from human ashes. Various companies such as the Swiss company Lonite will even combine ashes from multiple people, or even pieces of hair for that extra personal touch. This process happens after the remaining carbon is taken out of the ashes, and used to create a cremation diamond. After your loved one has been cremated, their ashes are used to create a unique and beautiful diamond in the color (or colorless) model of your choice. Not only is this a beautiful way to remember your loved ones; with a unique and beautiful diamond made from them; it can also be a way to help work through grief. Just like this process is turning ashes into a diamond, when you are grieving a little less, you will still have the beautiful memories of time spent with your loved ones who have gone on before  you.

New Hobbies

When loved ones have left us, it can be hard to remember the positive things at first. For many people, learning how to do something that their loved one enjoyed can help honor and remember them. If your relative loved to knit or crochet, try to pick up that skill. If they could whittle or play the bagpipes, try to learn that. If you do not know anything about this hobby, try anyway. Imagine your loved one laughing lovingly at your dropped stitches or your squeaky music. Smile, keep trying, and think of how much joy that activity gave your loved one. You can also honor their memory by volunteering at their favorite charity. By giving back to others in the same way that your loved one did, their memory is kept alive with more people. Plus, you may learn stories you had never heard before about your loved  one.

Memorial Tree


A memorial tree for a loved  one

While it is very similar to a memorial garden, a memorial tree is a classic idea. When someone is born, some people plant a new tree to celebrate the new life. People are starting to plant trees in memory of their loved ones after they have gone on. Like with the memorial garden, the tree will grow again every year or stay green year-round. This can help remind you of your loved one, especially if they loved to go hiking in the woods. A tree will both honor their memory and add to the world that they loved so much. In some places, they have a place called a remembrance meadow, which has been created specifically as a place for people to plant memorial trees. Messages can also be left there, and the trees can be enjoyed by  everyone.

Saving Clothes

When it comes to clothes, there can be many mixed feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing the clothes of your loved one, without donating it all, that’s okay. While donating clothing can be an excellent way to honor your loved one, if the thought of throwing away your loved one’s favorite shirt is horrifying to you, there are ways to save it and display it. These clothing items can be framed. If you can find one of the professionals who are trained to work with cloth, they can help you decide the best way to display the piece of  clothing.

If you want to get a little more use out of the piece, another suggestion is to make that piece of clothing into a teddy bear. This bear is a memory bear, made out of the materials that you want to use in it. These can keep that piece of clothing with you, in a cute and cuddly form. Other options with clothing include making a pillow or a quilt. Either way, using old garments from your loved ones to create something new that reminds you of them is a special way to remember your loved  ones.

Memorial Bench


A memorial garden with a loved one  message

Some ideas are common, but there is a reason for that. Memorial benches can either be naming your loved one’s favorite bench in their favorite park, or putting a new bench in their favorite park in their name. Like the memorial tree, this is something that other people can enjoy as well, and honors the memory of your loved  one.

Every time you pass the bench, you will likely look at it and smile, remembering times spent with your loved one in that spot, or hearing them complain about the lack of a bench in that spot. Seats at their favorite concert hall, theater, or sports arena can also be a way to honor your loved one. Not only are you donating to something that they cared about, they are also now labeling the seat, forever part of the experience  there.


It’s a simple idea, in concept, but hard to think about sometimes. When you are full of grief and sadness, it can be hard to imagine the way your life is changing. Sometimes, however, the thing that honors the memories of those loved ones the most is to live life in a way to make them proud of you. Keep their memory alive in your day to day life, and celebrate them, and their lives, every  day.

There are many ways to remember your loved ones. These ideas can vary, depending on what they liked to do and how they lived their life. Whatever you decide to do to honor your loved ones, whether getting a cremation diamond or planting a tree, there are many ways to honor the lives and memories of your loved ones after they have gone  on.

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