8 Ways to Brighten Your Eyes

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So it’s important that your eyes reflect how you want to be seen. Dull and tired eyes usually don’t give off the best impression, but it can be hard to get the youthful, bright-eyed look we’re all going for. But have no fear, because there are many ways you can brighten your eyes in the comfort of your own home and without much skill. Here are 8 ways you can brighten your eyes with ease.

#1: Using an eye cream.

The first step to any good makeup look is the prep beforehand. Using an eye cream around your eyes will make sure your eyes are full and moisturized. It gives your eyes a great base layer for the rest of your eye makeup.

#2: Concealer.

If you’re someone who stays up late at night binging your favorite TV show, concealer is going to be your best friend. It’s the perfect product to use when you haven’t gotten as much sleep as you needed but still want to look full of life. Concealer will cover up any dark circles or imperfections you have, leaving you with a bright and flawless look.

#3: Using a white eyeliner in the waterline.

Placing a white eyeliner in your waterline will instantly brighten your eyes. The stark white takes away any redness you may have from keeping your eyes open for hours on end. Plus, the white liner can also cause your eyes to look bigger, something that adds to the brightening effect.

#4: Putting a shimmer shade in your inner corner.

Shimmer is always a great way to brighten up eyes. Having a pop of shimmer in the inner corner of your eye creates an insane brightening effect. It pulls together the entire look. Once you try this out for yourself, you won’t be able to stop using this trick. 

#5: Wearing magnetic false eyelashes.

Applying magnetic false eyelashes is a great way to brighten up your eyes. Now you may be wondering, “how do magnetic eyelashes work?” It’s super simple: you apply a liquid eyeliner that is magnetic and allow it to dry. Once it’s all set, you place your magnetic eyelash on top of your eye as you normally would and you’re all set. The magnets in the lash band are so strong that they keep your lash in place all day. These lashes will certainly illuminate your eyes.

#6: Applying mascara to your lower lashes.

While many people may skip this step, it is an essential to brightening your eyes. Putting mascara on both your top and bottom lashes make your eyes pop. It gives them more definition and there’s more of a draw to your eyes. 

#7: Using an eye mask.

Having a spa night every few days is a great idea for your skin and mental health, but it’s also great for brightening your eyes. Using an under-eye mask is an easy way to smooth wrinkles out and make your eyes look full. It leaves you with bright and youthful looking eyes.

#8: Using eyedrops.

Some people’s eyes get irritated much easier than others. It can be hard to be confident when you know you’re walking around with red and dull eyes. But by using just a few eye drops a day you will be able to keep your eyes looking bright and full of energy. It’s an easy trick to try and you’ll notice a major difference.

Having youthful, bright eyes is an essential starting point when creating a makeup look. Giving these tricks a try will help you achieve that look, without any hassle. It’s definitely worth giving these a go yourself, you’ll be looking bright in no time!

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