5 Delicious Dogs on Labor Day – Summer’s Last Hurrah

By Peggy Sholly, US Daily Review Columnist

Author of Award Winning Cookbook Down Home Delicious

Much to our dismay, the lazy crazy days of summer are coming to an end.  Although September 22 is the official last day of summer, Labor Day weekend in the United States is our last hoorah of summer.  The first Labor Day Holiday in the 1800’s was birthed by the labor movement, and designated a day of rest and celebration for the American worker.  It was a day of parades, barbeques and picnics with family and friends that included athletic events and a lot of beer and cigars.  Today’s celebrations are much the same minus the cigars.

I find myself this Labor Day just about barbequed out. I still want and plan to celebrate but dream of something different to excite my taste buds and brighten the outlook of what could become just another barbeque.  Having given this due thought and consideration, and in light of our stumbling economy, I invite you to join me in doing what Americans do best… improvise.  At our house we plan to elevate the all American hot dog with its ketchup, relish and mustard or chili to a gourmet hot dog extravaganza that will delight everyone, young and old alike.  The sugggested five gourmet recipes bring a freshness and excitement to our holiday menu that will be no less revered and enjoyed but are much more frugal than ribs, steaks and other forms of barbeque. They even make the most inept griller look like a master chef.

Oh my these dogs are some kind of yummy!  Who knew the ordinary frank and bun could be so sassy?  You are invited to submit your own original creative hot dog ideas, for submission in a later column, by sending them to info@downhomedelicious.com .  If your recipe is published (certain rules apply) you will receive a free signed copy of my cookbook “Down Home Delicious, Spice up your life with incredible Gulf Coast cooking”.


Yummy grilled, boiled, broiled or a la carte,

gourmet.dogs add class, sass and pizzazz to your celebration

Advance preparation

  • Split substantial buns – not the small flimsy ones.
  • Either grill or boil (fully cook) your bun size wieners or sausages before or at time of assembly.
  • The better quality frank or sausage you use the better your final product.
  • If you plan to broil your assembled dogs, warm your buns and fillings first.
  • Gather available condiments and filling ingredients:

mustard          weiners, grilled or boiled

Ketchup        link sausage (Italian, bratwurst, cajun, etc.) grilled or boiled

Chili              pickle relish

Cheese        sauerkraut, drained

lettuce          minced raw onions

tomato          jalapeno peppers

butter            tortilla chips

Buffalo sauce thickened with corn starch

Optional:  pica de gallo, drained black beans, roasted corn kernels.  A large box of inexpensive individual paper hot dog trays to simplify a la carte serving is available at Sam’s Club.


  • Broiled Hot Dog Assembly

Preheat oven to broil

Using square or 9×13 oven proof bake ware sprayed with oil, line buns in pan.

Make one pan or ½ pan of each flavor (2 flavors per pan) filling buns in order listed in recipe except leaving cheese for last.

Put pan under broiler and watch carefully so as not to burn dogs.

Remove from oven when cheese is melted or filling is hot and serve immediately.

  • Build your own dog – a la carte assembly

Heat all ingredients individually as indicated. For ingredients that need to be hot when assembling dogs, put small saucepans or oven/grill proof containers on grill or warming tray with heated cheese, chili, buffalo sauce, etc.

Make a separate assembly line for each flavor hot dog with a descriptive name tag close by.

As you grill or boil hot dogs, place one in each warmed bun and allow guests to build their own dog.



! slice mozzarella, provolone or Swiss cheese in bottom of bun,

Weiner or polish sausage link

Drizzle top of weiner with thousand island or Russian dressing

Canned Sauerkraut, drained

Assemble using broiled or a la carte instructions.



Ranch Style or baked beans, warmed

Weiner or Cajun sausage link

2+ tablespoons barbeque sauce per dog

Longhorn Cheddar Cheese, sliced or shredded

Jalapenos and/or yellow mustard, minced onions – optional

Assemble using broiled or a la carte instructions.


Bun (buttered and toasted – optional)


Nacho Cheese, hot

Broken tortilla chips

Diced jalapenos, corn or black beans and/or pico de gallo – optional

Assemble using a la carte instructions.






Ketchup, mustard, jalapenos – optional

nacho cheese, heated

French fries, fresh

More chili and cheese

Assemble in order listed using a la carte instructions.  Sooo yummy!  Serve immediately.




Buffalo sauce (thickened with cornstarch and water and heated until thick)

Fresh or canned French fried onion rings – optional

Bleu cheese or ranch dressing

Best a la carte.  Assemble ingredients in order listed and serve immediately

Submitted by Peggy Sholly, USDR Columnist and Author of Award Winning Cookbook Down Home Delicious


All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.

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