9 Selling Secrets for Authors

By Lee Welling, Special for  USDR

Hiring consultants and setting up a focus group are key to selling books, says Lee Welling, a graduate of Babson College, rated # 1 business school by Newsweek magazine, and author of the new cold war thriller The Actor?  http://www.theactor.biz/

“There should not be a stigma associated with self – publishing and eradicating this stigma has motivated me to create these nine steps for having a successful self-publishing experience,” Welling  says.

In addition to hiring consultants and retaining a focus group, Welling’s steps  include:

  • Hiring a director of development
  • Developing marketing
  • Publicity and sales campaigns

The complete list can be found here:  http://www.theactor.biz/articles.html

Welling’s novel THE ACTOR? is a fast paced story at the height of the Cold War, during the Cuban Missile crisis. A subject that is as current now, as ever; with Cuban/American and Russian/American relationships. THE ACTOR? is a metaphor for resilience. http://www.theactor.biz/the-actor-.html

LEE WELLING’s background as a Broadway insider gave him the ability to construct a historical novel, capturing the Golden Age of the Broadway Musical. Click here to learn more about the author:  http://www.theactor.biz/about-the-author.html

SOURCE Lee  Welling

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