9 Special Features You Can Add to Your Backyard Pool

Sometimes, your old pool just needs a design update. If you want to get excited about swimming again, don’t hesitate to look into a pool remodeling service. Pool builders can help you add new and exciting features to your older pool, updating it for years of fun in the water. Here are some of the great features available with a pool remodel. 

Fire and Water Features

Water features are common in some pools. A fire feature can add another layer of paradise to your pool installation. There are multiple fireplace options you can add to your pool installation, which is especially cool on those breezy nights when you need a little bit of extra warmth. Plus, it’s so dramatic!

Sun Shelves

A sun shelf is a small pool that offers just a few inches of water. This area usually has lounge chairs installed, so you can take full advantage of the Florida sun while still being close to the water. Dipping your feet while you sunbathe is an extremely relaxing experience!

Pergolas and Shade Structures

Pergolas and other shade structures are simple to install over parts of your pool. You may be interested in a pergola to cover your hot tub or spa, outdoor kitchen, or entertainment area. You can even install one to create a shady area in one corner of your pool. There are many different types of structures, so run it by your pool builder to see what they offer.

Deluxe Interior Finishes

The interior of your pool doesn’t have to be boring. You can remodel your pool to include a more refined interior, which can improve the way your pool looks and feels. Options include glass beads, natural stone, quartz pebbles, pigmented formulas, or a colored quartz aggregate. These options can make your pool sparkle, change the color of your water, and make it more fun to swim.


Waterfalls, or ‘descents’, can add a measure of peace to your outdoor pools. Whether you’re looking at something small or more impressive, the sound of falling water will definitely improve your space. Plus, the sky is the limit! You can add waterfall rock formations to completely change the look of your pool. Other options include infinity pools, overflow pools, and small vases or jar fountains. If you can imagine it, a talented pool builder will make it work.

Rain Descents

A rain descent is like a waterfall, but it’s not exactly the same. Instead of a rush of water, these standing structures use a trickle of rain to create a more serene weather-based sound and feel. There are a variety of lengths, shapes, and stream options to choose from. The idea rain descent feature can be turned on and off separately from the rest of your pool equipment. It adds a nice touch to your space, especially if you entertain often.

Spas or Hot Tubs

One of the most common pool renovations is the addition of a spa or hot tub. There are so many options and designs, and there’s no limit to which you can choose! Most hot tubs can work with most existing pools, though there may be differences based on your unique situation. A spa can be an additional raised area, create a waterfall effect, or include jets and other next-level luxuries.

Deck Jets

Deck jets and fountains can add a layer of sophistication or fun to you pool. It all depends on the type of jet you get! There are arcing options of all different types, including different heights and colors. Bubblers and other types of small fountains can create a beautiful, peaceful space as well.

Exciting Lighting Features

Pool lights are another area where most pools can get boring. If you often use your pool at night, you might want to get a more exciting lighting situation installed. Use colored LEDs, exciting light show settings, and more to turn your nighttime pool into a colorful, fun experience.


These features are entirely optional, but they can add a great deal of value to your home pool! While some of these features may not necessarily improve the value of your home, they can make your backyard that much more inviting! Make sure to check with your local pool builders to see what they offer.

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