A Bridge Collapse in Southern Florida Results in Several Fatilities

The Daily Beast  reports:

A pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed at Florida International University in Miami on Thursday afternoon, killing “multiple” people, according to  police.

The FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge spans a eight-lane highway and collapsed onto at least five vehicles, according to an eyewitness and television footage. People were reportedly trapped underneath in cars. First responders rushed directly to the pile of crushed concrete and twisted steel, including medical personnel from the nearby  hospital.

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Reporters on the scene said police moved the media further and further away from the bridge “just in case the rest falls  down.”

“We saw the bridge collapse and it was just surreal at that moment,” one witness, Damany Reed, told CBS News. “It was very  scary.”

The span was lowered into place on Saturday but not scheduled to open until early 2019, according to The Miami  Herald.

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