A Call to Improve Retirement Options for Minorities and Working Class

By  The RLJ Companies, Special for  USDR

Robert L. Johnson, Chairman of The RLJ Companies and majority owner of Retirement Clearinghouse fully supports Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) for his leadership to reduce retirement plan cash out leakage when an employee changes jobs allowing their current retirement savings to follow them to their next  employer.

In the July 18, 2017, letter from Senator Scott and 10 Republican Senators, they call upon Secretary Acosta to issue an Advisory Opinion regarding the application of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to auto portability.  The letter states that retirement plan cash leakage at the time of a job change is harmful to workers’ retirement savings and, unfortunately, these harmful outcomes are disproportionately borne by minorities and low wage workers … with an estimated 14 million workers with 401(k) plans changing jobs each year, reducing leakage and consolidating low-dollar accounts through greater use of auto portability will set millions of working Americans on a better path to a secure retirement.  They went on to say … we are concerned that the continued delay of the Department’s Advisory Opinion is a hurdle to the implementation of a workable, market-based solution that will help our constituents prepare for their retirement. (See attached July 18, 2017 letter to U.S. Secretary of Labor R. Alexander  Acosta).

“As a businessman committed to finding business solutions to social problems and an employer of minority workers, I know first-hand the importance of retirement savings to close the wealth gap.  I am calling upon Secretary Acosta to demonstrate President Trump’s commitment to improving the economic status of minority Americans by issuing an Advisory Opinion on auto portability. By doing so, the Secretary will demonstrate to African Americans, as I urged the President to do so last Fall what African Americans stand to gain from a Trump Administration.  Over the coming generation Auto portability will preserve more than $480 billion in savings for low wage working Americans and more than $698 billion in savings for all minority workers,” stated  Johnson.

Senator Scott’s letter garnered support from a wide range of trade organizations focused on retirement  well as the American Retirement Association, American Benefits Council, Financial Services Roundtable, Investment Company Institute, Insured Retirement Institute, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), Mana (a National Latina Organization), and the Society of Professional Asset Managers & Recordkeepers (SPARK). Auto portability has been previously supported by a bi-partisan group of both Houses of Congress (See attached November 19, 2015 letter to U. S. Secretary of Labor Thomas  Perez).

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