A Common Sense Approach to Total Health Transformation

By Donna LaBar, Special for  USDR

Being healthy shouldn’t be difficult. A new book, “Simple. Natural. Healing: A Common Sense Approach to Total Health Transformation,” shows people how to take control of their  wellness.

“The new normal of health terrifies me. Lots of people have acid reflux, hemorrhoids, gas, chronic headaches, insomnia and diabetes. No one is scared. They think it is normal. It is not,” said author Donna  LaBar.

The new nutritional healing book offers extraordinary guidance to natural healing approaches that are easy to implement and have been mostly overlooked. The book gives hope and cutting edge new suggestions to try. She has helped hundreds of people transform their health by optimizing the body’s ability to  heal.

LaBar has spent 30 years studying the science of how the body naturally heals itself. She is a master at translating scientific healing health approaches into layman’s terms. She coaches people with diseases and  illnesses.

About the Book

“Simple. Natural. Healing: A Common Sense Approach to Total Health  Transformation”
Publisher Morgan James
Release date Sept. 20, 2016
Price $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-63047-877-3

Donna LaBar navigates the science and explains in easy steps how to leverage the body’s ability to heal and repair itself.

“My hope for this book is that it is easy for people to use so they can get their bodies to heal and recover. The book takes the mystery out of a lot of things about health. It makes it clear what is important and what is not  important.”

Readers will  learn:

  • How to support the body while going through diagnosis of chronic and inflammatory illnesses brought on by inflammation
  • The addition of enzymes, acid/alkaline pH balance to heal faster
  • Keys to reducing stress and getting sleep
  • Helpful information through charts and recipes
  • Loads of natural and nutritional healing alternatives

“People need to know these things,” she said. “I follow the sciences about how the body works and how it repairs. I can explain it so everyone can understand  it.”

The book video trailer can be seen here:  https://youtu.be/LJVDP5Ns_i8

Praise for Donna  LaBar

“I will be forever grateful that my path has crossed with Donna LaBar.  Donna’s knowledge and experience, combined with her genuine compassion, are so invaluable to everyone and anyone.  Over my career, she is one of the few people I have met that are truly committed to making a difference in the lives of others.”
Lynn Laboranti, MS,  RDN

Donna LaBar allows you to be you, in a healthy way.  She is a positive skillful presenter that teaches, but not in a willful way.  No rules or authority, just making sense of natural health with cleaner, clearer, healthier approaches for people, my kind of person.”
Dr. Bonnie  Bennet 

About Donna  LaBar

When author Donna LaBar shares her 30 years of study into nutritional healing, her eyes light up and her beauty defies her true age. A lifetime resident of the rural Pennsylvania town of Tunkhannock, LaBar is sought after for healing information on cancer, arthritis, weight loss and more. She believes in the boy’s ability to heal when given he right nutrition, alkaline/acid balance, enzymes, environment, exercise, better sleep and targeted stress  reduction.

She receives calls for help every week from people who do not know where else to turn. Her gentle nutritional and healing guidance is recognized for its effectiveness, as shown in the stories she shared in Simple. Natural.  Healing.

LaBar is certified integrative health coach from The Institute of Integrative  Nutrition.

She offers private coaching and health transformation  workshops.

She has spoken at Natural Health Clinic, Fortis Institute and Women’s Empowerment  Summit.

Find out more about her life work at  www.donnalabar.com

SOURCE Donna  LaBar

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