A Cultural Phenomenon: People Are Embracing E-Cigarettes and Here Are 5 Reasons Why

E-cigarettes have become a valuable tool to those attempting to quit smoking. Even those who have never smoked a cigarette in their lives due to being worried about their adverse health effects, are massively flocking to e-cigarettes. This is because they enable all the fun without the negative aspects of traditional smoking. So what are the top 5 reasons behind their increasing  popularity?

  1. Various different  flavors

Have you simply grown tired of the same old nicotine smell? You are not alone. Luckily, vaping offers plenty of alternatives. From fruity flavors and all the way to chocolate and coffee-like ones, e-cigarette users have all the freedom to choose the flavors they prefer, and – to some extent – it’s also possible to mix your very own. Better yet, some of these flavors have aromatherapeutic effects to help you kick back and relax after a long day at  work.

  1. Saving  money

Did you know that an average smoker spends more than $2,000 on cigarettes on an annual basis? E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are reusable, and thus cost much less. The only consumable component are the e-juices that are much cheaper in comparison. Furthermore, money is not the only thing you’re going to be saving; you’re also going to be saving the environment (they’re a far lesser  pollutant).

  1. Preserving one’s good  health

Compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain far less toxic chemicals. Smokers commonly develop a smoker’s cough because the smoke tends to irritate the throat. In a grim scenario, smoking can also lead to lung cancer. When it comes to vaping, none of this is the case. If you’re interested to find out more about how e-cigarettes are a much healthier choice, check out our vape guide where you will also learn all you need to know before you begin practicing your new hobby, including the safety  guidelines.

  1. No teeth stains or unpleasant  smells

A smoker is quite easy to spot – often, all it takes is one smile that reveals their yellow teeth. Imagine how awkward things could get in a social situation if you have to refrain from smiling like that. Not a very pleasant experience, right? Even if trying to conceal your smile doesn’t give you away, there’s a certain smell that gets ingrained in a smoker’s clothing that’s very hard to get rid of and follows you around like a dark shadow. Vaping doesn’t cause yellow teeth, and the only smell that surrounds you is very much on the pleasant  side.

  1. Fitting  in

Smoking is out, vaping is in! Nowadays, people consider smoking to be a bad habit, and there are more anti-smoking laws and campaigns than you can count. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are increasing in popularity, and it’s not a rare sight to see a group of friends sitting around a table and indulging in the joys of vaping. One could even argue that vaping improves your social  life.


Obviously, there are other reasons that played their part in the cultural phenomenon that is vaping, but the ones listed above are probably the most prevailing ones for sure. Since you don’t have to worry about endangering your health, why not give it a shot and experience its joys for  yourself

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