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Creating a website for your already existing or maybe even new business can be a daunting task. If your website is going to be the centrepiece of your company, you are going to have to rely heavily on a site that will be reliable, fast, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective amongst other things. All these attributes can lead to a very hefty price tag from a developer you are putting a lot of money and trust into.
In a lot of cases, start-ups will not have the several thousand pounds to spare that is demanded from the developers, and choose to opt out of paying outright for a decently programmed website and go with a less experienced but more affordable developer.

The issue here is that pay for what you get. You may in turn receive a website that will have issues loading and just won’t cut it for the users, and in turn can cause you to lose customers. This is where you need to be careful.

The other downside of having a developer create your whole website is that you are not going to have direct access to the content on there. If you are running an E-commerce site you may be able to add new products onto the site or add new blog posts, but you won’t be able to get that full access that the developer has.

Some of you may be less experienced with coding and HTML, and it may seem intimidating to you if you are not familiar with how websites work underneath all the fancy pages and images.

What if there was an answer to this problem, which eradicated the middle-man (the developer) and put you in full control without the need to have any experience with programming?

Well, there is. There are some great platforms out there which allow you to build a website from scratch from different templates that are specifically designed to match your industry. You can change your website anytime and add/remove things as you like. You get the full control and you don’t have to pay a huge sum for a developer to do it for you.

1and1 have a great platform with a specific business website builder which contains some great templates. You can use the easy and free website builder from 1and1 to get a taste of what is available, you can then change your account type with any hassle if you love the service.

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