Every product requires some form of advertising, whether it is online or in trade journals. However, many companies now increase their efforts online to advertise their products to a much wider audience. Some are just out there and others are more  successful.

However, advertising a pair of running shoes or jeans through a YouTube video can be exciting. A video that captures the viewer instantly whilst not advertising the maker of the video or the brand used for it. Our personal favourite was the Levi Jeans video from 2 years ago where some young and sporty guys backflip into a pair of jeans. No product placement was done, a simple and entertaining story that lead users to find out by themselves what was behind the video. The engagement was huge and resonated for a long time to come, gathering some  awards.

This is all fun and games when you have product segments that communicate directly with the customer but what paths do you take when you are trying to make niche products “sexy”? For example, how do I make a hydraulic press appealing to the  public?

Advertising Hydraulic presses – and  how?






Introducing our product, the hydraulic  press.

First of all, there are many presses in the industry and we have decided to focus on a hydraulic press such as the ones that form plastics in the automotive industry. Now these machines seem like absolute beasts and can be highly versatile. They will squash, press or pulverize almost everything. We now have two options to advertise, do I make a standard product video of what my hydraulic press is all about, its technical details and application examples OR do I start a creative process that focuses on the press itself, linked with an “out of the box” idea? Do I advertise a product where I can highlight the features and components and many application examples? OR do I go the more unconventional route and have a little fun with my  press?

This is where the guys over at “Hydraulic Press Channel” come in (1,391,710  subscribers!)

They have a creative process where they literally press whatever comes into their mind or is suggested by their viewers. Crushing anything from a hockey puck, bullets or a bowling ball. A HyPress (Hydraulic Press) operates in pressures of up to 4,000 psi or more which is absolutely brutal and therefore makes it addictive to watch it crush everyday objects. These guys however aren’t making these videos to advertise themselves, they are there for exposure. And if approached strategically, such exposure can be of huge benefit to a niche  product.

Imagine you can put your HyPress in front of millions of subscribers simply by supplying a machine that is exposed to millions of viewers, thus imprinting your company name with every video that is watched by the  millions.

How do I get my product in front of  millions?

First of all, contacting the YouTube channel directors would be the first port of call. Either contact them through their YouTube profile or find out if they have a separate website to their channel. Equally, you can try and contact them through a Social Channel such as Facebook, Twitter or Google    Plus.

Then it’s up to your negotiating skills. Supplying a machine like a HyPress for free will get the job done. These machines are costly, so what about ROI? Is it worth me spending thousands to put my product in front of people? What does that mean for my sales? Will I get a positive ROI or am I focusing more on getting actual social followers to get more brand awareness? Can this all be done with placing a sticker in the background? All this and more needs to be  considered

These are all questions that only the decision makers can decide. We have seen it done successfully before and I am sure it will be done again. It’s just a matter of time as to when we will see the next YouTube  star.

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