Ahh Finally, a True Wireless Earbud

By Alpha Audiotronics, Inc., Special for  USDR

Alpha Audiotronics, Inc. announces the start of the presale for its first product, Skybuds™ – truly wireless earbuds, and the launch of its newly redesigned website skybuds.com. By providing a truly wire-free solution with premium sound quality and reliable connectivity, Skybuds are transforming the way users experience  sound.

Skybuds pioneer the use of Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology, typically used in hearing aids, to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality sound in the headphone industry. Along with NFMI technology, each earbud also uses a top-of-the-line, balanced armature driver and psychoacoustic features, including base enhancement, to create a premium audio experience. The earbuds have been designed in such a way that they have Passive Noise Cancellation, which naturally suppresses unwanted and distracting external  audio.

“Because of our common love for music, interest in podcasts, and hectic, multitasking lifestyles, the need for portable audio is so well-ingrained in people’s lives. Compared to the radical changes emerging in other portable and personal electronic verticals, however, the audio space has been slow to evolve and enhance the way people enjoy and experience on-the-go sound without compromising quality,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, Co-founder and CEO of Alpha Audiotronics. “With Skybuds, we are dedicated to transforming the on-the-go listening experience by making portable sound not only convenient, but also  exceptional.”

Skybuds charge and store in a light, portable case called the Skydock™, which conveniently provides up to an additional 24 hours of on-the-go charging time. In addition to superior sound quality, each Skybud is fitted with an omnidirectional microphone, and are ergonomically designed to comfortably sit in users’ ears providing a perfect fit locking in the exceptional sound quality everywhere life takes them. To learn more about Skybuds and to preorder one of the first pairs available to users, visit the newly launched skybuds.com  website.

About Alpha Audiotronics,  Inc.
Founded in 2014, Alpha Audiotronics, Inc. is a New York City-based consumer electronics venture focused on the goal of delivering convenient, smart, and high quality, truly wireless audio solutions.  At our foundation, we are music lovers, technology geeks, and boundary breakers. We use new technology to inspire us to listen to the music we love on our own terms without restriction. Our products provide users an unencumbered audio experience, coupled with a newfound mobility, comfort and access to sound. Wherever.  Whenever.

About  Skybuds™
Alpha Audiotronics, Inc.’s (“Alpha”) cornerstone product, Skybuds™, are truly wireless earbuds. Skybuds are transforming the portable audio industry by providing a premier listening experience leveraging NFMI technology and beyond. Alpha continues to invest in software upgrades and will roll out more functionality enhancements into Skybuds, transforming them beyond just truly wireless headphones.  Skybuds empower users to cut the wire and “Free Your  Sound™”.

For more information, please visit skybuds.com. You can also like Skybuds on Facebook and follow Skybuds on Twitter and  Instagram.

SOURCE Alpha Audiotronics,  Inc.

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