America The Beautiful

By April Dye, Contributor to US Daily Review.

When people think of America, what do they see? Freedom is what most people will say. I think for the most part that is still true. We are free to live in whatever state we choose. We are free to pursue college and careers. We are free to buy things that we want, when we want. We are free to worship.

When settlers came here from Europe, they saw a vast land with endless opportunities. I think most immigrants still see that about America and want the dream of freedom.

What do our enemies see when they think of us? Unfortunately they see selfishness, drunkenness, gluttony (not just in food), and I think they see a loss of morality. Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I think we should be doing apology tours around the world. However, I think we need to find the preverbial mirror and take a good look at ourselves.

You can see this kind of behavior everywhere but nowhere more so than on television – the best place for other countries to catch a glimpse of what goes on in America. I have to say I would rather America be represented to the world by our giving (America is the biggest contributor to charities, world hunger and world relief programs) and our strength and our faith. But what do the other countries see – The Kardashians, The Housewives of (everywhere), The Bachelor, Survivor and many more. All of these shows are dedicated to obscene spending, gossip, sex and selfishness. People want to see the romance not the bedroom activity. They want to see a tender kiss, not a make out session with tongues and saliva. They want to see “I do” not “let’s move in together”. They want to see “how much do you need?” not “how much did you spend?”

If these descriptions of immorality and gluttony are what people see when they see America, then maybe we need wake up and see it too. I love America and I want other people to love America. The world used to look up to us because they knew we stood for something…freedom. Not freedom to throw our morals to the wind and become heathens reflective of Sodom and Gomorrah. No, America stood for freedom to love God and worship Him, to choose what you wanted to do for a living, to not live under oppression by kings.

We need to look at our entertainment, our lifestyles, our judgments, we need to take off the filters of ambivalence, and once again become the beacon of freedom and dreams. Where God wasn’t a dirty word and nudity was not flaunted about. Where woman had an ounce of respect from men as something to be treasured, not sex objects, and men were looked upon as strong and smart, not oafs and misogynists. Where children were taught the importance of patience and economic stability not instant gratification. Where gifts were treasured because everyone knew the cost of something special (blood, sweat and tears).

When other countries look at America, do they see waste and selfishness or do they see hope and love.

Our duty as Americans should be like those of the USMC: God, country and Corp (fellow Americans).

Article IV of the Code of Conduct for a United States Marine states:

I will never forget that I am an American, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.

Shouldn’t this be the code of all Americans?

April Dye is a wife and mother of two. She loves to read, watch movies and television, study the Bible, hang out with family and her job. You can follow her on face book at

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