Americans Worry About Supporting Religious Regimes in the Middle East

By Zogby, Special for  USDR

Zogby Analytics was commissioned by The O’Leary Report and World Net Daily to conduct an online survey of 890 likely voters in the US. All interviews were completed between, January 16, 2015 throughJanuary 18, 2015. Based on a confidence interval of 95%, the margin of error for 890 is +/- 3.4 percentage points. This nation-wide public opinion survey was released on January 27,  2015.

“According to the poll results Americans are more politically opposed to military and economic aid going to Arab countries that have religious bias,” according to Bradley S. O’Leary, President of The O’Leary Report and author of The United States Citizens’  Handbook.

QUESTION: “Do you agree or disagree that the United States should help certain Arab countries financially and militarily if their countries’ constitutions or laws make being a Christian or Atheist a crime punishable by jail or even  execution?”

A majority of Americans regardless of political affiliation opposed military or financial aid to Arab countries that have religious bias in their  constitutions:

  • 63% of Americans think that we not should help
  • 17% of Americans think we should help
  • Democrats are opposed to helping these countries by a factor of 51% to 22%
  • Republicans are opposed to helping 69% to 15%
  • Independents are opposed to helping 69% to 11%
  • Americans older than 65 years old opposed helping 80% to 4%

“The future in the Middle East will come not just from opposing Muslim extremists but also opposing an Arab rule of law that doesn’t guarantee religious freedom,” said  O’Leary

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