America’s Highest Paid Pundit at $80 Million

From Mediaite:

While Glenn Beck has been keeping a comparatively low profile since his meteoric rise on Fox News in 2009, but that doesn’t mean he’s doing all that badly– in fact, he’s doing better than ever before in terms of income– and better than any other political celebrity. Forbes‘ Power 100 reveals today that, while in overall ranking including influence in the media, Beck is in 23rd place, he outshines Rush LimbaughDonald Trump and Alec Baldwin in the income department.

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Politico‘s Dylan Byers took a look at the rankings by number, and found Beck tied at #11 with Elton John for the most money made this year– an impressive amount, especially given that in 2010, at the peak of Beck’s fame, he made a comparatively paltry $32 million…(read more)

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