AMORR: Completely Unlocked and Customizable Smartphone

By Neoix, Inc, Special for  USDR

The AMORR is the second device from the new mobile technology firm Neoix ( The device supports HSPA+ and works with major GSM wireless carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, and  others.

The expressive AMORR features a vibrant 5.5-inch qHD display along with eight different preloaded UI themes.  Each AMORR is accentuated by brushed gold trim, and the back-cover compliment is determined by you. Two interchangeable back-covers are included.  The soft-touch black patterned obsidian is perfect for everyday use while the high-gloss richly stenciled gold option is perfect for those events when opulence is in  order.

The AMORR has a number of audio enhancements and customizable reverberation settings available for the individual to fine-tune their experience. Camera color effect settings enable the user to give personalities to their photos. As always, the battery is removable which allows users to keep a spare battery handy for those times when they are away from a power outlet for an extended period of  time.

“We hope to leapfrog those still using feature-phones, sub 5 inch displays, and older Android operating systems into the current Lollipop 5.1 age. In addition to the classic back covers, we also offered extensive customization options for people to have fun with their phones,” explained Neoix VP of Product Marketing Richard  Bhudhikanok.

Like all Neoix products, the AMORR includes a one-year warranty, repair options, and “Worry Free” assurance. If a customer accidently damages their device, they have the option of sending it in for repair. If the device is damaged beyond repair, the included “Worry Free” assurance offers a one-time replacement following the original purchase date for a $75 deductible. The AMORR is available for purchase through Amazon ( along with some retail  stores.

About Neoix,  Inc.

Neoix, Inc. is a San Diego-based mobile device company established in 2015. We design our devices locally, and manufacture our devices through top tier ODM partners. Our goal is to provide U.S. customers with high value and quality unlocked mobile devices with worry free service. Neoix believes in building sustainable business through partnerships and the community. A fixed percentage of our profit is devoted to the community and  charity.

SOURCE Neoix,  Inc.

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