Annual Enforcement Initiatives Reduce Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The number of fatalities of large truck drivers rose by 0.2% last year, despite an overall decline in deaths on the road. Although only a small increase, it is still a worrying trend, as accidents involving large commercial vehicles can be very serious due to their greater size and weight. As well as taking steps to ensure that drivers comply with safety regulations, regular enforcement initiatives remind drivers to adhere to the rules of the road, imposing penalties when necessary. These can be very effective in reducing the number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by commercial vehicles.
Dealing With Violations
In September, the Texas Department of Safety held their annual International Roadcheck, consisting of three days of inspecting commercial vehicles to identify violations. When commercial vehicle drivers break vehicle and driving regulations, they can cause serious accidents that result in devastating injuries. Proving liability after an accident with a commercial vehicle can be difficult, and truck accident lawyers in Austin often handle complex cases where several parties are involved. As well as checking for driver fatigue and general compliance with regulations, road checks can also help to reduce the risk of carrier mismanagement or negligence.
Curbing Dangerous Driving
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance backs an initiative known as Operation Safe Driver Week. During the week, enforcement officers are focused on curbing dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating or failing to wear a seat belt. This year, officers stopped almost 30,000 commercial vehicle drivers and handed them over 10,000 warnings for traffic violations. It is hoped that by interacting with unsafe drivers and calling attention to their behavior, officers can help to curb dangerous driving and the accidents it can cause.
Reducing Distracted Driving
Postponed from April, Distracted Driving Awareness Month, an annual initiative run by the National Safety Council (NSC), is taking place in October this year. Using a cell phone, eating and drinking, and even engaging with passengers can all cause drivers to lose attention, and the NSC would like to reduce the 3,000 deaths caused by distracted driving every year. Being vigilant while behind the wheel is particularly important for professional drivers. As well as putting themselves and other road users at risk, receiving points on their license could result in them losing their livelihood.
Accidents involving large commercial vehicles can be very serious, resulting in extensive damage and often life-changing injuries. Regular initiatives to enforce regulations can help to reduce the number of accidents and make the roads a safer place for all drivers.

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