Are Both Democrats and Republicans Wrong on Healthcare?

By US Daily Review Staff.

Edmund L. Valentine states, “Healthcare is a skyrocketing global opportunity, not an economic burden.  The fix is different if healthcare is viewed as an opportunity versus a rising cost that has to be controlled.  One approach will kill the global opportunity; the other will capitalize upon it.  One will revitalize the U.S. economy, the other kill the U.S. middle class.  U.S. Healthcare at $2.7 trillion is so big and so complex that the only way to fix it is to unleash marketplace competition – by enabling constructive greed.”

“Rising healthcare costs are of growing concern to all the developed and developing world economies.  There are five technologies coming together that enable the development of new medical products and innovations that will increase the quality of care while decreasing healthcare costs.  The great majority of these will find exploding global demand…if high technology new product innovation and manufacturing is retained in the United States, and that is the question, we will create high-paying jobs, raise America’s standard of living, and revitalize our economy,” Valentine says.

In “Multi-Trillion Dollar U.S. HEALTHCARE TO 2020 Gold Rush” (ISBN 0984047808), Valentine presents the healthcare gold rush that will occur between now and 2020.  He provides insights into enabling technologies and innovations and how certain legislation and regulation will affect industry participants.  He highlights healthcare industry trends and growth areas which should yield high returns and create wealth.

The Kirkus Book Review states, “Those who pore over Valentine’s well-researched book will be better positioned to take maximum advantage of – and potentially profit from – the changing U.S. health care market.”

“Multi-Trillion Dollar U.S. HEALTHCARE TO 2020 Gold Rush” is available for sale at and other retail channels – the Kindle version at

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