ATF Can't Say If Firearms Lost by Agents Were Used in Crimes


spokesperson for the ATF contacted to shed more light on a report that ATF agents are negligent when it comes to securing their own firearms.  For the primary federal agency dealing with policing firearms trafficking, it would be inexcusable if its 2,400 agents in the field can’t properly keep track of their own weapons.

On Wednesday, an ATF spokesperson called to provide additional details. Speaking on background, the spokesperson said that, in 2012 only five firearms were reported lost or stolen: three were lost and two were stolen.  All three of the lost firearms were recovered a short time afterwards.  In 2011, four firearms were lost, but three were recovered a short time afterwards.  In total, 19 firearms were reported lost 2009-2012. Out of the 19, 13 were recovered shortly afterwards, one of which was reported lost through commercial shipping.

The percentage of firearms lost is small, ATF said, adding that most lost firearms are recovered a “short time afterwards” – but, the spokesperson could not say what constitutes a “short time.”

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