Author Argues “Neither Conservative nor Liberal Be!”

By US Daily Review Staff.

A new book argues that the left and right are squeezing the middle and forcing an alternative view of politics.  Independent voters sorting between the claims of liberals and conservatives for the 2012 election should take advantage of the “in-depth analysis provided by Larry R. Bradley’s Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be: An Action Plan for People Disgusted by Polarized Politics” according to the author’s publicst. According to USA Today, “More than 2.5 million voters have left the Democratic and Republican parties since the 2008 elections, while the number of independent voters continues to grow.”

Bradley provides “a simple way of clarifying the conflict between liberals and conservatives.” He explains, “Conservatives claim liberals want to take money from rich people and give it directly to poor people in exchange for their votes. Liberals claim conservatives want to use the power of government to benefit rich people at the expense of poor people. If you’re someone who believes government should not be controlled for the exclusive benefit of either the poor or the rich, then you’re neither a liberal nor a conservative.”

The easy-to-understand e-book shows voters an alternative way to create their own personal political philosophy, how to use that philosophy to interpret continuing political conflict, and then use their newfound knowledge to resist the manipulation of the two main political parties. “If you don’t have your own political philosophy, then you’re like a sailor who doesn’t know how to set his sail,” says Bradley. “Your boat is going to get blown whichever way the wind blows.”

Establishing a personal political philosophy is only the first step in overcoming polarized politics in America. Bradley intends to publish a second book in June to reveal additional factors behind the enabling of polarized politics in America and the actions needed to isolate and defeat those factors. “Those actions do not include draconian interpretations of the U.S. Constitution, amendments to the Constitution, or term limits,” Bradley notes.

Bradley’s notoriety as a political author and commentator follows his 20 years as an army officer and 14 years in private enterprise. He is noted for his ability to not only describe the flaws in the current political system but offer alternative solutions for the future. “Elected officials behave badly because of the system America uses to elect them. Americans will continue to experience this behavior as long as we have the current system. If Americans are dissatisfied with their elected officials’ behavior and want to change that behavior, then Americans must force change in the system first,” he stated.

Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be, Bradley’s first book, will be released as an e-book February 2012, and his new book describing his proposed changes to the electoral and political system will be released summer 2012. For more information about the book, email

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