Author Mark E. Glogowski Announces the Release of ‘The Political Primer’


In his book, “The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics” (published by Trafford Publishing), authorMark E. Glogowski, Ph.D. offers to readers an accessible introduction of the sometimes-confusing world of politics.

[The Political Primer” offers fundamental political information that the reader can apply immediately. They will determine for themselves what they politically believe, discover why they believe it, and learn how they can put their beliefs into practice to create the world they want to live in.

Glogowski offers two reasons “The Political Primer” is a necessary book:

“First: First, the voter has an obligation to understand what it is that they believe about how the world should be structured – their Worldview, and it is important that they understand the structure of society that will be created by the politician(s) Worldview that they support with their vote.

“Second: Politics is War! Your vote is your weapon. When you vote you stand up to be counted. It is important that when you are counted you are standing with people that share your Worldview and will work to create a society you want to live in.”

“By the time you finish reading ‘The Political Primer,’” Glogowski says, “you will have an unambiguous understanding of politics, and its purpose will be clear. You will never view politics the same again.”

About the Author

Mark E. Glogowski, Ph.D. earned a bachelor of science from the University of Rochester, a master of science from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. Living in upstate New York with his wife, Kathleen, he enjoys the company of two daughters, a son-in law, and an energetic grandchild. After 47 years of research experience, and having held leadership positions in several organizations, clubs and committees, including serving as town leader for a political party, he considers himself to be a typical retired professional American.

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