Auto Outlook for 2019

Everyone’s talking about the hottest 2019 autos. By everyone we really mean the auto fanatics who’ve been keeping up with the latest 2019 model news. There’re some cars that are impressing prospective buyers and there’s some that are leaving a shameful skid mark on the open road. Don’t get left out of the conversation or worse: invest in a not so trendy car.

What’s In


This year has brought exciting new car models and remakes of older ones. One of the most talked about models is the Honda Passport. This 2002 model received a stylish, modern look with all the features of an off-road SUV.

If you have the budget for it, the Audi A8 is another trending car, just as popular as California traffic school. Some vehicles are purchased for a claim at status. What they lack are functionality. However, the Audi A8 brings class and functionality to the roads. This prestigious vehicle is perfect for luxury lovers.

The BMW Z4 Roadster is a sporty, slicker version of its 2016 predecessor. This model, unlike earlier ones, comes with a fluid body that showcases a tougher appearance. You know this model is a fun one, because it comes equipped with its very own soft-top. Find out if buying a new car is better than buying used.

What’s Out


We hope this doesn’t sound blunt, but there’s been some disappointment this year. Ferrari is one example of car brand that hasn’t stood out to us (in a bad way) in 2019. The brand name has perpetuated its hype long enough to dish out its routine of standard, sport vehicles that don’t offer much other value.

Ram has released a truck that has thoroughly underwhelmed the public’s expectations this year. Their model of pickup trucks appears to be more for business than transportation. Because of their short interior space, high traction tires, and poor mileage, Ram vehicles took a plummet in value this year, but still charge a luxury pickup truck price.


Let’s discuss the Jeep Gladiator. Jeeps historically have been on a downward trend internationally. This led to their biggest jump yet, which was to add a protruding bed to the back of their Wrangler. What resulted from this is the Gladiator. It catches your eye, but for the worst reasons imaginable.


What’s Risky


The Volvo has always been an affordable car brand. However, when does affordability outweigh the risk of the car itself? That’s the question Volvo presses with their models in 2019. They are a risky purchase, because of their historically faulty manufacturing and dealerships can be few and far between.

You’ll either love or hate a Volkswagen. That’s the case with this year’s Jetta model. The interior is a lackluster grouping of displays and features that will leave you asking more questions than enjoying your ride. Not to mention, the engine doesn’t pack too much punch, so the receptiveness of its drivers is polarized at best.


What’s Not So Risky


When discussing low risk, the Chevy Impala should always come up. Not many sedans come with a sophisticated, comfortable, and secure features, but luckily the Impala does. This affordable vehicle comes with plenty of utilitarian qualities – including its own Wi-Fi source.

Historically, the Toyota Camry doesn’t disappoint. They continue this trend in 2019. This vehicle is equipped with a cozy cabin and reliable performance, therefore making the Camry speak the love language of just about any driver.

You can never go wrong with a crossover. That’s why the Mazda CX-5 will never be an unreliable vehicle pick (knock on wood, please). This spacious, cargo focused vehicle doesn’t just meet your utilitarian needs, but it also speaks to your aesthetic tastes.

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