Basic Resume Writing Tips for Successful Job Seeking

What is a resume?

A resume is the first step of applying for a job for any potential candidate and resume is the first thing an employer would consider before going for a thorough interview with the candidates.

A resume contains all the necessary details of the candidate such as his previous job experiences (if any), academic qualification, professional certifications (if any), relevant skills and contact details. A good resume would arguably be the only first object based on which employers would consider the candidate further, whereas a poor resume would lower the chances at a great level. This is a basic concept which should be clear to the candidates since these days applications come in thousands.

Now we move on to some useful and easy tips once can follow to make a good resume with resume examples.

  1. Keep it simple and if possible, on one page

Though some of us have an extensive career and the experience might not sum up in one page, however, this is also a fact that employers spend only 6 seconds to scan your resume and decide on you. Hence, you do not need to be very exaggerative, just mentioned the important details about your skills, relevant experiences which is sure to catch the eye.

  1. Keep the English error free

Some employers are there would not consider a resume if they find too many spelling or grammar errors in the same. Hence, after the same is done, it is better to review the same for any errors. You can take help from your friends as well.

  1. Avoid using first-person pronouns

Avoid using “I”. “me” or “myself” in the resume to mention your details. Instead, you can write “have experience in Java and C++”, this is correct and much more sensible

  1. Label the resume file correctly

Do not treat your resume like any other general document and save it in any name possible. Remember that it should be easy for the employer to look for your resume and they know whose resume they are reading. A perfect resume label should always be your First name_Last name_Resume.pdf/ .doc whichever format the employer prefers

  1. Keep it organized, consistent and visually appealing

It is better to follow a template so that you can put all your information in an organized way and it doesn’t look scattered. We generally know that employers spend only six seconds on a resume if you want the hiring people to spend some more time on your resume, make it look consistent with correct information and visually appealing as well. If you have made the header bold, then all the other sub-headers should also be bold. If you have used pointers for one job experience, make it for the next one as well.

Not only this, there are few other tips as well. Like

  • Keep your tenses correct
  • Prefer sending resume as a PDF
  • Do not include references in the resume
  • Do not list everything that you have done till now

A resume layout must have:

  • One-three-page length maximum
  • Clear headings and sub-headings
  • There should be required space between two different information
  • Easy to read

With all the knowledge provided, the first time many of us make mistakes while creating their resume for the first time. Although you should take the help of your friends and family or any professional to make the best resume for yourself and look for the best job successfully. However, if the idea of making a resume seems overwhelming to you, you can bank on the tips given in this article to get the right start.

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