Benefits of a Water Purifier

There are many benefits to having a water purifier. Not only does it make the water taste fresh and keeps it cold, but it also filters out the toxic chemicals which keep your water safe. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s even more important to wash your hands and sanitize, but also to have clean water. We don’t know much about this virus and if it gets in the water or not. By filtering the water we drink, we have a greater chance of staying healthy and not getting the COVID 19 virus.

What is in Tap Water?

What is in our tap water? Is it safe to drink? Tap water has lots of components and factors that make it unsafe for anyone to drink. Children are the most vulnerable in this situation as well as the elderly. This is the reason most people buy filtered bottled waters and drink that, although there are some skeptics that may suggest the bottled filtered water may not be from the source it says on the bottle or be fully filtered. Although there is chlorine that cleans our water, unfortunately, it’s not being measured properly because there is too much chlorine in our water. What chemicals are in our tap water?

Lead is one of the main concerns that households have when it comes to tap water. Lead is a chemical that can cause lead poisoning which then affects the kidneys and the nervous system. Mercury is a rustic runoff that somehow finds its way in our water. It can also cause kidney problems. Chlorine is a disinfectant that cleanses our water of contaminants, but it can also cause harm if there is too much of it. Bisphenol A or BPA is a component in plastic materials such as food and drink containers. It can damage the heart. Giardia lamblia is a parasite that creeps into our water through the sewers. It can cause many people to become sick including cramping and throwing up.

Although there are a lot of dangerous chemicals and components in our water, there are also lots of safe and nurturing components in the tap water as well. Fluoride is found in tap water which is proven to help with tooth decay. Calcium and magnesium is also found in tap water as well which benefits the bones and the teeth. It is up to each individual to weigh the pros and cons and see if tap water is a good fit for them and how clean their water is in their area.

The Positives of Water Purifiers

One of the main pros of having a water purifier is having safe water to drink. Once the water runs through the purifier, the results are composed of fewer chemicals and bacteria. Also, water purifiers get rid of the metallic taste that nobody likes. The conclusion of the water purifying process leaves the water with all the good minerals that everybody needs. The water tastes fresh and also might be more cold depending on if people want to put their water filter in the refrigerator or not.

The other nice thing about purifying your water is that it doesn’t cost much at all. Most water purifier refills are less than $15 depending on if it is being bought in a pack or not. There are different kinds of purifiers. There are the water pitchers that are filtered with a refillable filter. There are faucet purifiers that can be installed on top of the faucet in the kitchen sink. Lastly, there are water installment systems that can be installed in the refrigerator. All of these methods are fast and efficient while saving the buyer money.

Conclusion of Benefits of a Water Purifier

Tap water purifiers are very beneficial. They clean our water and make it safe to drink for everyone. By removing those chemicals and dirty components found from agriculture to sewers, filtering our water makes it taste refreshing and it’s nice to drink water that is safe from the virus and that is crisp and clean.

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