Benefits of Bringing Blockchain to the Marketplace

By the Price of Business Show, Hosted by Kevin Price.  The Price of Business is a media partner of this site. 

In this interview, Kevin speaks KJ Erickson, CEO and co-founder of Public Market about the company’s background and how they are using blockchain to create a more transparent and fair marketplace for both consumers and vendors. KJ claims that the monopoly dominance of major eCommerce platforms like Amazon, who collects a whopping 50 percent of all transactions made online, are harming the ecommerce ecosystem with artificial inflation imposed on buyers and  sellers.

By using blockchain as the base of their platform, Public Market is working to show online shoppers that the technology has a lot of different applications. KJ believes that her company’s application of blockchain benefits everyone in the way that users can create tokens that allow for entirely new incentive  structures.

In an age where marketplaces built with blockchain technology are popping up left and right, Public Market is in a league of its own, with an enormous catalogue of existing items from trusted vendors currently available in Public Market’s closed beta. Yes, blockchain is oftentimes a difficult for people to understand or even find intimidating, but consumers will not need to understand how the technology works in order to benefit from shopping on blockchain based marketplaces. What’s important to this company is that they are able to save their users money and create a better, more transparent shopping experience. For those interested in shopping through Public Market, people can sign up at to claim a spot on the  waitlist.

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