Best Apps To Save You Time at Work In 2021

Staying productive and meeting deadlines can be a challenge for people who are forced to work at home due to the pandemic, or who chose such kind of work by themselves. The only person you can rely on in your daily work is yourself. Therefore, you need to use effective software to help you manage all your tasks.

  1. This time tracker allows you to take into account the time devoted to solving a particular task and downtime. You can track the activity on various sites and applications, and get data on the most loaded working hours. All statistics are presented in the form of reports.

  1. Google Docs. It is indispensable for collaborating on text files. Users do not need to install special software, materials are created and edited directly in the browser. You can add as many people as you want to edit one file at once, and all changes are saved automatically.

  1. Google Calendar. It will help you to organize your working hours conveniently and simply. A special calendar will be visible to other participants and tell them the best time for meetings. You can send email invitations, set up a reminder schedule, and recurring appointments.

  1. Echo app. It was created to allow teams to communicate with one another over the internet with the usage of verbal communication. It functions similarly to a text-based communication platform, with voice messages replacing written communications. Team members can collaborate by sending voice messages to one another in custom workplaces, either individually or as a group.

  1. This tool allows you to organize projects and prioritize them correctly. Special boards display all available tasks. Due to such visibility, you always know which of the employees and what is doing, at what stage and what task he is working at the moment. The app can sync with any of your devices.

  1. This tool will help you to improve the email marketing campaign of your team. If you deal with emails on a daily basis, it is important to improve email deliverability and protect your reputation as a sender. Therefore, it is important to clean up your mailing lists with the help of a verifier tool to make sure that it doesn’t contain invalid addresses and spam traps. You can use a free bulk email verification tool if your mailing list is short, or choose a paid service for longer lists.

  1. Slack is a convenient tool for communication within a team because it allows you to create both general chats and correspond individually. Moreover, if necessary, you can invite your client or customer to join Slack and participate in the discussion. The application will save all correspondence, send files, allow you to make notes on important messages, set up notifications for mail/phone/desktop and synchronize data on all devices.

  1. Simple and affordable timer based on the Pomodoro technique. Works online in a browser, and therefore does not require installation on a computer. After the end of the working period of time (25 minutes), it emits a signal, the mini-break is five minutes, and the long break is fifteen. What kind of break to choose – you decide for yourself by pressing the corresponding timer, the counter does not automatically jump to the break, as well as back to the “working” period of time. You can specify what exactly you are doing now and, if you want to keep track of how many “tomatoes” were spent on a particular task, you will need to register. All of this is free, as is the use of a timer.
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