Best Drones in 2018: Have You Seen These 4 Stunning Models?

The year of 2018 has brought so many nice things, and as technology keeps becoming more advanced than ever before, so do the consumer models of drones. This is a really great time to get into it if you haven’t already, with only one remaining question to answer – which models of drones are worth your attention? To shed some light on the matter, we’re briefly going to be reviewing the top 4 drone models you can get in  2018:

  1. Altair Aerial  Blackhawk

At not much more than $100, Altair Aerial Blackhawk is one of the 2018 top drones for hobbyists. Having a 15 minute flight time and a 300 meter range, this model is bound to provide plenty of fun for hobbyists to  enjoy.

In the given price range, its 300 meter range is something that’s virtually unheard of, so you can hardly go wrong with it. In fact, it’s even better than some of the more expensive models. The two extra batteries you receive with your purchase serve to extend its range even  more.

In the air, you won’t have to worry about maintaining its balance so much, because there’s an automated built-in function that takes care of that, making it very suitable for beginners and experts  alike.

  1. DJI Mavic  Air

If you’re into folding drones, then the DJI Mavic Air is a very cool model to have. Not only is it easily transportable, but it also tends to fits almost anywhere due to its foldable nature. Compared to what you can get in the consumer range of drones, it’s also a bit more resilient to  damage.

Those who are into capturing some top quality footage will enjoy the 4K camera the model comes equipped with. The camera is very easy to set up and control. Thanks to automated flying and collision avoidance technology, this one is really simple for beginners to  operate.

  1. MJX Bugs  3

This model can fly up to 20 minutes with no load, which is perfect for withstanding long flight times. It comes with a 2 speed setting option, which makes things much easier for those who like doing aerial acrobatics with their  drones.

In case you’re more into simply enjoying the scenery and capturing some footage from the air, you can even fit your GoPro camera on there. Due to its rather quiet motors, it’s rather unlikely to annoy anyone and you’re less like to run into trouble with the  law.

  1. Syma X20 Mini Pocket  Drone

Summing it up in a single sentence, this drone is both affordable and small. The downside is that it can only stay up in the air for 5 minutes at a time. That being said, you will be able to perform numerous cool tricks with it, including the rolling 360s, altitude hold, and  others.

It’s simple and straightforward takeoff and landing features make it perfect for beginners. This model looks amazing, and the LEDs make it an ever more stunning sight after  dusk.


With so many choices available, you’re bound to find something suitable for you, no matter what your preferences may be. Have you already decided on the top  contenders?

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