Best Ways to Move and Still Social Distance

As the world continues to fight the deadly COVID-19 virus, many people have put their scheduled moves on hold. For those who can do it, it’s vital to be aware of precautions and approaches set aside by the government, WHO, and CDC to contain the virus. It’s even more significant to be if you’re moving to an area that is infected or affected.

Various circumstances can push you to move regardless of the pandemic. Maybe your landlord has given you notice, or you’ve got a new job in a different location. Whatever the motive, you may decide to schedule a move despite the crisis.

So, before you start packing up your house possessions, consider the following tips for moving amid the pandemic to avoid the infection.

Using portable storage unit

Even before the outbreak, portable storage units have been an effective method of storing house items. However, they’re even more suitable now that we need to handle things with a lot of care to avoid infection.

If you do not have many items or maybe you plan to move only close to where you are, you can pack all your stuff in portable storage units in advance before your scheduled move. It ensures that very few people are involved in the moving process hence limiting the possibility of body contact.

Handling your items and minimizing contact with others is the safest way to move. Portable units also help you transfer items to your new house without having to make physical contact with many people.

Get a Virtual Estimate

It is popular for traditional movers to come to your house to survey and estimate what is required. They take into consideration the number of house items you have, doorways sizes, and even the nature of stairs or elevators available.

However, there is a need to keep distance between you or your family and the movers. Hence, you can turn to using virtual estimates. These include video streaming of your house space and walking the expert movers through your home on video calls to enable them to do the forecast. The movers may ask you for measurement and other necessary information they require for an effective moving process.

Reserve the Loading Area

One of the moving recommendations amidst the pandemic includes reserving enough space for loading. Also, if you use an elevator, ensure that it is available on a moving day.

Movers must reduce contact distance between them and your family members. If they get confined to a narrow area and cannot accommodate your house items and other household materials, they may be at risk of infection from any direction.

If finding a street parking is tricky around your neighborhood, reserve a temporary parking space in advance for the movers.

Disinfect Everything

When you are packing up the house, you will probably touch on utensils, books, furniture, electronics, and many others. To be safe, consider disinfecting all the items in your house while wearing your gloves and mask.

Do this just before the movers arrive to ensure everything is wiped well. Consequently, please repeat the same process after moving; it guarantees the safety of your new place.

Postpone Your Move if You Have any Illness

Before you decide to move, you should consider confirming your health and that of other family members. In case you or any family member is unwell or showing signs of the virus, the right step is to postpone or delay your move.

It’s better to seek medical attention from a health professional or family doctor before embarking on the moving process. While this step may cause inconvenience and panic, it’s crucial to protect you and your family.

Moving amidst the pandemic may be difficult, but as long as you follow the CDC guidelines, you can go through a relatively smooth move. It’s common to be a bit anxious because the world is facing a lot of uncertainty now, but it’s still possible to have a good moving day.

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