Bobby Jindal Cancels State Contracts with Planned Parenthood

By  Family Research  Council,  USDR

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced today the cancellation of four state Medicaid contracts to Planned  Parenthood.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a former Louisiana state legislator, released the following  statement:

“We commend Governor Jindal for acting to end the flow of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, a scandal plagued organization that is under investigation for criminal wrong  doing.

“The governor’s actions protect women’s health and ensure that taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund baby part harvesters.  Ending these contracts will give a boost to Louisiana’s 163 health centers that aren’t under federal and state investigation and offer a broader array of medical services than Planned  Parenthood.

Louisiana is an overwhelmingly pro-life state, but you don’t have to be pro-life to be horrified by the videos suggesting Planned Parenthood manipulated the abortion procedure to yield the most marketable baby parts – increasing the risk to  women.

“We call on Congress and other states to follow Governor Jindal’s example,” concluded  Perkins.

SOURCE Family Research  Council

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