Bodybuilding Slip-Ups You Should Avoid to Get Best Results


If your chief objective is to achieve bigger muscles but you are not bulking up to the extent expected, you need to evaluate your training habits. You should be achieving consistent gains in size and strength if you are following your training program as per instructions. If you are not bulking up properly, you must be making some training mistakes that need to be rectified to get positive results. By rectifying your errors, you would be getting brilliant gains but if you ignore them you would be making no progress whatsoever. Here are some common slip-ups by  bodybuilders.

Mistake No.1: Not Putting In Enough Hard Work

You need to force your muscles to put in more and more hard work. They should be compelled to work much harder than usual for triggering outstanding muscular size and strength. In an ideal situation, you must keep on performing every single workout until you are just not able to carry on further in good form. You must use a heavyweight which enables you to perform somewhere between 5 to 20 controlled and slow  reps.

Remember the workout is not done just when your muscles are beginning to burn and everything seems to be pretty uncomfortable and unbearable. This is actually the first step to hard work. You have to take it from a point where your muscles seem to be on fire and you could feel the accelerated heartbeats. You should never give up at this stage. You must stretch yourself at this stage to make the most of the situation. You need to go all out and exploit the growth stimulus that takes place while you are doing the last of the hardest  reps.

Mistake No.2: Not Incorporating Progressive Training

Gradually with effective training, you would be becoming stronger and it is then that you must start lifting progressively heavier weights for triggering further bulking up. You simply cannot make the mistake of performing the workouts with the same old weights you had started with. Using the same weights would make no sense as bodybuilding would not be challenging and thrilling  anymore.

If there is no sense of achievement, things could seem very dull and boring. The entire exercise would lose its significance. You need to go on increasing weight from time to time to challenge your body and stimulate dramatic improvements over a period of time. You must either consider performing more reps or use heavier weight while exercising. You may consider going through steroids online review before buying  them.

Mistake No. 3: Do Not Overdo

You often make the mistake of training quite frequently. Your body would be requiring enough time to rest and recover. Only then you could notice impressive gains. You must stay away from performing too much and that too, quite frequently. Your body would be enhancing muscular strength and there would be a marked increase in size but you should make sure that you are not overdoing it. Do exercises but allow enough rest and recovery time in between  workouts.


You must keep all the above commonly made mistakes in mind so that you are able to effectively bulk up without any hitches. Moreover, it is a good idea to monitor your progress and maintain progress charts. To make sure that you are achieving impressive gains, you must consume quality food to fuel your body for more hard  work.

Author Bio: Quentin Lance is a bodybuilder and a blogger. He offers interesting and informative posts. He suggests browsing through steroids online review before buying  them.

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