Can Your Last Will and Testament Be Forged? Benefits of Online Will Makers

Having your last will and testament disregarded is a violation on a level so deep, it hurts to even think about it. However, such things happen, as we can see from news reports. Only recently a woman in Britain was convicted for forging the last will and testament of her partner in order to get the cottage that belonged to the deceased. Unfortunately, situations like this happen quite frequently worldwide.

In order to prevent this kind of problem, one should make sure to have a legitimate will that can be verified. But creating this kind of document through an attorney can be expensive. On average, a lawyer will charge you between $300 and $1,000 for this service.

Drawing up a will on your own is technically legal, so you can set up a last will and testament for free. However, this won’t protect you from forgeries in any way. In addition, this kind of will can be argued in court, so your beneficiaries might not divide your estate the way you want it to go.

The good news is that there is a rather easy solution available to you today. You can use one of the many specialized services to set up an online will. It’s much cheaper than working through a lawyer directly. In the meantime, this will is going to be 100% legitimate. The services also offer multiple built-in protections that will prevent anyone from tampering with your last will and testament.

What Can Happen If Your Last Will and Testament Is Forged?

If your will is forged, your actual wishes will not be followed. It’s really that simple. There are many ways this situation can go. The most common is that your assets will not be divided the way you wished them to be. In some cases, a forgery can be used to completely renounce your real next of kin.

You also need to consider the possibility that your last will and testament might be disregarded as not legitimate. In this case, one won’t even need to try and forge it. Instead, they will have it dismissed to try and claim inheritance through the court.

In addition to this, it might happen that your will is dismissed even without anyone trying to use it to take over your estate. Relevant state authorities can do this and then your assets might be claimed by the state instead.

There are many other possibilities. But all of them boil down to the fact that unless you have an ironclad legal document, your last wishes are unlikely to be followed. Even if your estate is small and the inheritance should be straightforward, there is a matter of probate. Your next of kin can face many issues because of it.

Can Using an Online Will Maker Service Offer You Protection?

In order to make sure your will is valid, you need to have it drawn up by an expert. However, going to an attorney can be expensive. But today you don’t need to do this as there are online will maker services.

They usually offer a variety of inheritance forms that are created and updated by professional lawyers. As the majority of people have a simple estate, this type of service will fit them easily. However, you should research online will maker reviews to see which of these services can be trusted. You should also find out how to tell a will is legit. This will help you understand whether the last will and testament forms offered by the service can be trusted. This kind of research will also help you learn how to prevent anyone from tampering with your will.

Checking Online Will Maker Reviews to Find the Best Service

Online will maker services can solve the problem of protecting you from forgeries easily. These platforms have a variety of security features that can prevent will tampering. Moreover, they are designed to provide you with a legitimate last will and testament form, which is updated along with any law changes in the state.

However, it’s important to note that not all online will maker platforms are trustworthy. Some of them can steal your private data or simply provide you with inadequate forms that will not be considered legitimate. Therefore, you should check out online will maker website reviews before choosing a platform you can entrust with your last will and testament.

Qualities to look for in a reliable online will maker service include:

  • Usually, credibility can be determined by how long a business has been on the market and its reputation on major consumer platforms. However, the online will making industry is rather new, so there aren’t any true veterans within it yet. But some of these services are offered by companies that have a long history, like Nolo or USLegalForms. This considered, you should put more priority on the rating the service has on consumer reporting sites, especially Google Ratings. Being accredited with the Better Business Bureau is also a sign of credibility.
  • A comprehensive and reliable online will maker platforms won’t be free. However, comparing the pricing from top services on the market will allow you to understand what cost is reasonable. Bear in mind that the price will depend greatly on the exact list of services on offer.
  • Security measures.
    Each online will maker service has its own approach to ensuring the security of your data. Of course, the platform itself must be secure and use encryption to protect its digital database. But also you should look into what extra features the platform offers to prevent forgeries. For example, find out whether you can control who can have access to your account (next of kin). Also, determine if you can grant access to the files for reading purposes only. You don’t want anyone to edit your documents by stealing the password to your account.

There are quite a few online will maker platforms today as this service has become popular fast. Therefore, you should take some time to research and compare all your options. Remember that while online platforms can be accessed from anywhere, these services are often limited to only some states. This means that if you want your last will and testament to be legally sound, you should make sure that the service offers a form legit for your state and county.

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