Cannabis Expert Improves Market by Creating Massive Data Base


Cannabis Reports is the most detailed, refined and scientifically accurate database on the planet encyclopedically tracking and cross-referencing thousands of strains, flowers, extracts, edibles, products, companies and medicinal cannabis research reports. It is a pioneering and open cannabis data source with applications for businesses, researchers, doctors, web and app developers, patients and  aficionados.

David Drake, cannabis expert and Cannabis Reports founder and  CEO

Based in Berkeley, California, Cannabis Reports began 8 years ago with the goal of tracing the complex genetic history of cannabis. It has grown into a catalogue of over 30,000 cannabis-related products and knowledge, with important product details not found on other sites. Localized market data, an open API and strain information from seed origin to lab testing are all kept in an easy to navigate free, online  database.

Founder and CEO, David Drake, is a cannabis expert who speaks at events around the country. He is featured in the Oakland Museum of California exhibit, Altered State (April 16-September 15), and has been written about in New Cannabis Ventures, Market Watch, Investing in Cannabis and Men’s Journal. He has been methodically tracing the origins of cannabis for over 15 years and has a knack for explaining how things  work.

Drake built Cannabis Reports to fulfill his mission to elevate how cannabis, people and business interact. Like Consumer Reports, Cannabis Reports is completely ad  free.

Beyond Sativa and Indica: Cannabis Patients, Practitioners and  Enthusiasts

Cannabis Reports brings a grower’s eye to its strain discovery tool. On Cannabis Reports, terroir and landrace (original strain), play a much bigger descriptive role than current dispensary marketing terminology: sativa, indica and hybrid. The technology takes a botanical approach to classifying cannabis, focusing on qualities stemming from regional, bio-responsive chemicals produced in a plant, correlational to cultivation. Before the categories of sativa, indica and hybrid were cemented in the 1970s, region was how cannabis was sold. Drake believes it is a more accurate indicator of the plant’s  characteristics.

Cannabis Reports’ strain discovery tool maps cannabis according to regional origins. As patients review products, their profile page adjusts a matrix of suggestions based on location. Patients and cannabis consumers get past sativa and indica and learn about their tastes according to  region.

A Comprehensive Resource: Medical  Professionals

Cannabis Reports has gathered a comprehensive collection of medical studies on cannabis. In collaboration with expert Uwe Blesching, PhD, hundreds of academic studies from 1971 to 2016 are indexed with a browse-able resource explaining efficacy of study  results.

Product and Marketing Control: Cannabis  Producers

With a suite of traceability tools, Cannabis Reports offers producers full control over product from seed to store. Cannabis product wholesalers send dispensaries accurate updates to product details, prices and availability right from their computer. Producers link lab tests and provide their own product  photos.

Demystifying the Market: Dispensaries and Delivery  Services

Cannabis Reports has the data that dispensaries need in order to grow. Businesses can use the open cannabis API to manage inventory and power their online menus. Cannabis Reports also has a comprehensive suite of localized market-data tools that help businesses make informed decisions about pricing and acquiring new products. For any store that wants to tighten or expand inventory, Cannabis Reports is the crystal  ball.

Open API:  Developers

Cannabis Reports is rooted in the belief in an open cannabis system. While others in the industry are closing their API and creating proprietary standards, Cannabis Reports invites all web and app developers to use their  system.

About CEO and Founder David  Drake
David Drake is a cannabis expert with over 15 years experience bringing cannabis and people together via information and technology. He has held leadership roles in teaching, technology and the arts, been featured in the Oakland Museum of California, and been written about in national publications. In 2008, noticing a lack of specificity in the way we discuss cannabis, he started Smoke Reports as a tool for tracking cannabis genetics. Today, Smoke Reports has grown into Cannabis Reports, which is used daily by thousands of people to discover specific information about strains, flowers, extracts and  more.

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