CDC, Fluoride, and Science

By FAN, Special for  USDR

Science continues to report the potential for significant adverse effects from the obsolete practice of water fluoridation, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). In June a major review reported that the majority of studies that underpin the rationale for community water fluoridation have been of poor quality. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Organized Dentistry will promote legislative and legal strategies to protect and promote fluoridation September 11-12,  2015.

“Clearly, they are creating a PR stunt hoping to revitalize this Orwellian practice that goes against every principle of modern pharmacology. They are protecting fluoridation policy, reputations and jobs and not the American public,” says Paul Connett, PhD, FAN Executive  Director.

Fluoride chemicals, added to public water supplies, are toxin-laced industrial waste products, e.g. hydrofluosilicic acid, never safety-tested in humans or  animals.

In January FAN explained why fluoridation is a failed concept.  Since then, the following  occurred:

— US study links fluoridation to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder)

— UK study links fluoridation to thyroid  disease

 UK Cochrane Group could find no quality research proving fluoridation reduces tooth  decay.

— Another study has been published that links fluoride to lower IQ in children for a new total of 44  studies.

— Researchers uncovered evidence showing that the sugar industry colluded with the National Institutes of Health in the 1960s and 1970’s to turn attention away from sugar, a proven cause of tooth decay, in favor of other unproven approaches including  fluoride.

— Sheiham and James report in the “Journal of Dental Research” (2015) that fluoride hasn’t stopped sugar-caused tooth decay. They write: “previous preventive measures have clearly  failed.”

— An American Journal of Public Health article (Carstairs July 2015) reports fluoridation was adopted prematurely without harms and risks fully  explored.

— A Legal Scholar reports that fluoridation violates numerous legal and ethical human subjects research protocols (William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy  Review

 Erin Brockovich calls for FluorideGate  hearings.

— American Academy of Environmental Medicine joins Erin Brockovich, a lawyer, dentist, MD and PhD in a letter to the Institute of Medicine notifying the IOM of its failure to warn the government and public of the health risks of fluoridation to subsets of the  population.

— EPA news release announces “White House Honors Georgia Faith Leader for Climate ‘Champions of  Change.'”  Reverend Gerald Durley, PhD, retired pastor of Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, has questioned fluoridation safety along with other prominent civil rights  leaders.

 Henry Rodriguez named Man of the Year by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) for his civil rights work and for creating the LULAC-adopted resolution opposing  fluoridation.

— FAN joined attorney Gerald Steel and other groups in submitting a formal petition to the FDA requesting fluoridation chemicals be officially classified as  drugs.

— A Freedom of Information request uncovered a 2010 CDC report describing political strategy to protect fluoridation which concluded:  “The American public is becoming increasingly confident about making their judgment about what is good science. The term ‘junk science’ may no longer be an effective communication  strategy.”

— The PEW Foundation admits it orchestrated a NYS law protecting fluoridation to circumvent democracy. The “Healthy Tooth Amendment” is suggested to be used in every  state.

— NYS Governor was mislead about fluoridation safety by NYS Health Department, Pew Foundation and Schuyler  Center

— Many more communities stopped, rejected and are questioning  fluoridation.

 Over 36 more studies report adverse fluoride effects in animals and humans or about how to protect the body from fluoride  toxicity

Connett says, “It’s been 5 years since my book, The Case Against Fluoride, was published. No fluoridation promoter has been able to scientifically refute the evidence I put forth.  Instead, they use money, power and influence to force fluoride into Americans – many against their will – most without their  knowledge.”

SOURCE Fluoride Action  Network

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