Choosing a Specialty as a Therapist: Why Marriage and Family Therapy?

If you have just graduated as a therapist, you might be wondering which direction to take your career next. Where should you specialize? As a therapist, there are several different specializations that you might want to consider going into, including trauma therapy, children’s therapy, play therapy, art therapy, CBT, EMDR, humanistic therapy, and many more. Marriage and family therapy is another popular option, and since everybody has a family, these therapists are often in high demand. 

What Do Marriage and Family Therapists Do?

As a marriage and family therapist, you will be working with clients who want assistance in their romantic relationships or family relationships. You could be helping a couple work through their relationship issues with communication, assisting a married couple who have just discovered infidelity and want to work through it, or helping a family that is having issues with a teenager. As a family and marriage therapist, your job will be to support your clients and help them find healthier ways to cope with their problems, work through their issues, and communicate better with one another in order to lead happier, healthier lives and relationships. You may work with couples, family groups, or individuals. 

Why Marriage and Family Therapy?

Relationships make the world go round and our relationships with our spouses and families particularly have a huge effect on our lives. As a therapist who specializes in marriage and family therapy, you will have a real sense of achievement when you are able to help clients who might have been struggling to see eye to eye with these close people in their lives to finally come to agreements, get on with each other, and communicate better. Sometimes, this outside perspective and support are just what people need in order to mend their family or marriage problems and enjoy fulfilling relationships with each other once again. 

Becoming a Family and Marriage Therapist:

After graduating as a therapist, you can start to offer your services as a marriage and family therapist after taking postgraduate qualifications in this specialty. The Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to work with couples and families in your practice. You can also take the degree online, making it an ideal choice for therapists who wish to continue practicing therapy as normal while studying. Once you have gained the degree, you will be able to choose whether you would like to add family and marriage therapy to your services or specialize in this area completely. You might work in your own private practice, as part of mental health or family support group, or in medical or legal settings. 

If you have recently graduated as a therapist and want to specialize in an area that allows you to support others with their personal relationships, marriage and family therapy could be an ideal choice for you. As this type of therapist, your job will be to help others repair problems in their marriages or family relationships and improve their lives as a result. 

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