Chris Christie for Vice President?

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief, US Daily Review Staff.

Rarely have we seen a candidate who had to have a formal press conference to announce that he was not running for President, but that was exactly the case this week as Gov. Chris Christie made it clear (again) that he was not a candidate for the highest office in the land.  Christie has been pursued by the media, Tea Party, and everyone else who things he could add flavor to an already candidate packed race. Now that he has gone to these lengths to get the message out that he is not running, many are wondering if he might be willing, if not interested, than a second job.  That being the Vice President of the United States.

In many respects he is perfect.  With the exception of Herman Cain, Romney and Santorum, he would be an excellent addition to the top of the ticket.  This is particularly true for the front runner, Rick Perry (R-TX).  Perry has the most experience as governor than anyone that holds that office in any state, yet he is young enough that people don’t have to worry about him passing away soon and needing to be replaced (a concern many had watching John McCain in 2008).  Furthermore, as far as most of us know, Christie is only an economic conservative and even with that, he is more pragmatic than an ideologue.  He simply says the “big government and big union approach doesn’t work.”  He has very few stated positions on national security and is moderate to liberal on social issues.  Furthermore, he is from a hard to win for Republicans, “Blue State” and brings geographic balance to the ticket.  He would be a great balance to most of the others as well, creating that “guard dog” persona that Vice Presidents have historically been famous.

He brings little appeal to Cain, in my opinion, because neither of them have much political experience (Cain has none at all). Meanwhile Romney and Santorum are in similar geographic areas.  Furthermore, Romney is probably the most like Christie in ideology.  The vast difference between the two is temperament. There is, however, no doubt in my mind that Romney could be well served with a Christie in his corner.

I do believe the biggest challenge in choosing Christie for Vice President is that he is clearly his “own man.” He has no problem in rolling up his sleeves and having a fight for things he believes in, but he seems independent enough that there could be resistance doing that for others. However, he clearly brings the energy and even perceived honesty that is so needed in politics today. I say “perceived” because we typically don’t know until retrospect — at the end of a political career — how honest a politician is indeed. Depending on the candidate, I would be surprised if Christie was not on the ticket. Even if he declares he is not interested.

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