Confessional Poetry Covering 15 Years

By Deleonora Abel, Special for  USDR

The Little Black Book of Verse by Deleonora Abel, (, a collection of poetry about life’s liminal experiences, has just been released and is available for purchase on Amazon (  The Little Black Book of Verse focuses on desire, loss and death and is geared toward women, and men, who are interested in various literary genres, particularly those addressing the taboo; and creative works as sites of social and political  change.

Author Deleonora Abel says, “Desire informs much of my work … and life.  She adds lustre, depth and meaning.  My world is ashen without her.  ‘The Little Black Book of Verse’ is the cumulative result of 15 years’ poetic reflection.  I never planned to write a book of poetry.  Rather, these ‘stories’ coalesced and emerged after three nomadic years abroad and surrendering to an interminable case of writer’s  block.”

About The Little Black Book of  Verse

The Little Black Book of Verse is a collection of confessional poetry spanning 15 years.

One woman’s exploration of desire and sexuality, love and loss, birth and death, betrayal and redemption, as viewed through the lens of mythology, occult imagery and the natural  world.

The Little Black Book of Verse takes readers on a journey into taboo and life’s bittersweet vignettes, traversing fable and fantasy.  In this collection of poetry and poetic prose, the sacred and mundane coalesce through seasons, cycles, and the interconnectedness of all things. and is available for purchase at

About Deleonora  Abel

Deleonora Abel is an Australian poet, novelist and  screenwriter.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History from the University of New England and studied screenwriting at Bond University.  Her work has been described as in the style of l’écriture feminine.  Her confessional, stream of consciousness narrative is influenced by mythology, occult imagery and the cyclic, natural  world.

SOURCE Deleonora  Abel

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