Construction Accidents: Main Causes & Prevention

Of all the industries we have today, the construction sector is by far the most dangerous, with heavy objects being lifted and moved around, and many workers, who are all engaged in separate activities. The bulk of the work is carried out in restricted areas and this means a lot of people – and machinery – in one small area, and any building site has the potential for life threatening injuries that could be caused by a number of factors. Here are some of the common causes of construction accidents, and ways to reduce the risk of them  happening.

  1. A Fall – Working above ground brings with it the risk of falling, and despite concerted efforts to provide safe working platforms, people do fall off platforms while working. Obviously, scaffolding or access towers should be in good working order, and with guiderails and barriers in place where needed, workers can safely go about their work. Hoists must be certified, and with employee training and the right footwear, you are doing what you can to reduce the risk of a fall. It is never wise to ascend a ladder without having someone at the bottom to ensure the ladder remains stable, and any access towers should have stabilisers  fitted.

  1. Being Hit By an Object – When you have many big trucks that are being loaded and unloaded, there is an increased chance of someone actually being hit by materials, and with high visibility jackets and coats by Be Smart Clothing, everyone will be seen by the crane operator. Reversing vehicles present a real danger, which is why all employees on site should wear high visibility jackets, which are covered in bright, reflective strips, and this ensures that everyone can be seen. The reflective strips are usually bright yellow or orange, as these two colours tend to contrast with any background, and providing everyone wears their reflective jacket.

  1. Electrocution – Always a risk on a building site, as excavators dig up areas, and with the wet weather, it is easy for someone to get electrocuted. Wearing the right boots can prevent such an accident, and if all the workers adopt a “don’t touch” policy with any wiring, this should ensure that there are no incidents. Faulty generators can cause the operator injury, and all electrical equipment should be regularly overhauled. Signage is also a good idea, as it reminds people of things they already know, and by being on your guard at all times on a building site, and wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE), the risk of accident is reduced.

  1. Vehicle Collision – Large lorries have to reverse into position, and a large project would have steel rebar being delivered, and at the same time, there is a line of ready mix concrete trucks, waiting for their turn. This environment demands that all people wear high visibility clothing, and with employee training and a general focus on site safety, if everyone wears the right clothing, all can be clearly seen. Reversing vehicles are the main culprit, and often, a worker is sandwiched between a wall and the vehicle, another reason to wear high visibility clothing.

It makes sense to do what you can to ensure that your workers are as safe as possible, and with online suppliers of reflective clothing and other PPE items, you can kit everyone out with the best and hopefully have another accident free  year.

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