Cracker Barrel Blinks on “Duck Dynasty”


This week, Cracker Barrel restaurant chain announced the reversal of a decision to remove some Duck Dynasty merchandise from its shelves following A&E Network’s suspension of Phil Robertson.  Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following comments to the thousands of supporters who have contacted the restaurant chain since Friday:

“You rocked Cracker Barrel back into reality! Cracker Barrel admits they were wrong to jump on the GLAAD band wagon and ditch the patriarch of Duck Dynasty. While I am relieved, Cracker Barrel has tarnished their image. I would hope the advertising or marketing guru who convinced them to unnecessarily weigh in on A&E Network’s loss of reality is shown the door.

“Restaurants should serve food, not the politically correct mush of the Left. Maybe businesses who rely on the average working American to buy their products and services will think twice before signing up with the liberal elite. I encourage you to use your dollars wisely and know who you are supporting by going to,” concluded Perkins.

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