Creating European Inspired Kitchens

By  Surge Homes, Special for  USDR

Known as the heart of every household, kitchens are, by far, one of the most important rooms in any home. Not only does it serve as a gathering place for friends and family, the kitchen also must be up to the wear and tear of everyday use. As part of its philosophy, Where Quality Meets Design, Surge Homes is committed to ensuring the materials used in its kitchens – and bathrooms – meet the highest standards for durability, design and  value.

Through its research of different vendors and manufacturers, Surge Homes selected a variety of award-winning German synthetic laminates that come in different textures, finishes and colors sure to suit every design aesthetic. Through an exclusive agreement with Tendances Concept, a French-Canadian-based kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer, these state-of-the-art products and materials are available in every new Surge Homesresidence and these designs and finishes cannot be found with any other builder in the Greater Houston  Area.

The selection of Thermo Structured Surface laminates available in the wood grain surfaces provide true-to-life characteristics such as ticking, knots and textures that mimic the realistic grain of natural wood by incorporating these features into the surface of cabinet doors. The look and feel of these cabinets resembles the real deal, yet is a better value and far more durable. Durability is a key factor in any kitchen or bathroom because of humidity, temperature and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Synthetic laminates provide better resistance to these elements and are also easier to keep  clean.

Another available option is PET-covered gloss panels, which feature a high-performance, polyester film made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin. This film creates an 85 percent brighter glow to the cabinet’s color and offers great depth in the reflection of the gloss. It is highly resistant to abrasions, non-toxic and offers protection against  yellowing.

Regardless of quality, however, a laminated panel is nothing without the superior and precise application of ABS edge banding, which is a tape with protective and decorative properties that allows for the finishing of narrow areas on panels. An advantage of ABS is that it combines strength and rigidity with rubbery toughness (ABS can bend without snapping). ABS is a much harder plastic than, say, PVC, and typically smooth, which allows texture to be added. ABS ensures impact strength and consistent color of the cabinetry. SET™ (Sealed-Edge Technology) is a process combining high-tech machinery and the use of a very specific glue applied to the edgeband of the cabinet’s components and guarantees a true sealed  edge.

The latest European designs combine ultra-matte and gloss finishes in a complementary way and Surge Homes includes these options in several of its 70 professionally coordinated interior design packages for kitchens and bathrooms. The latest German creation is the Hashtag™ series. HASHTAG™ is a weave design using both matte and high gloss overlays on the same surface. This unique process creates a silhouette of weaves that changes in appearance when viewed from different  angles.

Surge Homes offers an impressive collection of kitchen and bathroom design packages from which its home buyers can choose, allowing them to personalize to suit their  taste.

SOURCE Surge  Homes

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