Creepy Disney Video Shows Ladybug Drone Spying on Kids


Shutterbug Time” is a catchy – and creepy – Disney music video about a ladybug-shaped “special agent” drone that spies on children and sends photos back to a satellite in space.

The ladybug drone character is part of Disney Junior’s animated “Special Agent Oso” series intended for preschool-age children.
The lyrics tell kids that the ladybug is sending your picture right up to the satellite”
She’s on the lookout,Her camera’s ready Have no doubt.

When there’s a problem, If she’s nearby No need to shout.She’s always in flight,Always on the case,Both day and night.Sending your picture Right up to the satellite.

She’s right here and

It’s shutterbug time.

But, “never fear,” “things will be fine” when the ladybug “sounds the alarm,” the song says:

She’s on the front line

Of a unique team,

So things will be fine,

Whenever she

Sounds the alarm.

So never fear,

Whenever she’s near.

The upbeat music is accompanied by images of cartoon children being visited by the ladybug, which snaps photos of them.

What kind of concept meeting did Disney have for this creepy cartoon? Did they decide that too many preschool kids were asking uncomfortable questions about drones, and this cartoon would help?

According to Disney’s web site: “‘Special Agent Oso’ is a lovable special agent in training. In each episode, Oso receives his ‘Special Assignment’ to help a kid with an everyday task by breaking it down to three simple steps. It’s up to Oso and our viewers to complete the three special steps and get the job done, just in time.”

Wikipedia also says that this creepy “Shutterbug” character only appears in English and Russian versions of the show. Is that because, in these countries, a creepy ladybug drone that spies on children is normal?

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