Crowd Funding Effort to Promote Literacy


BirdBrain Education is today launching the first standards-based, adaptive Social Studies tool, that will help teachers and educators close the literacy gap in the classroom. BirdBrain Education is a technology start-up used by more than 70,000 students and teachers nationwide, that creates tools allowing every student to read, learn, and grow at their own independent reading level. The startup will be using Kickstarter to raise $30,000 by March 16th, to fund development for building a first-of-its-kind, adaptive History and Social Studies  curriculum.

According to the U.S. Dept of Ed, in 2013, 19% of high school graduates could not read.  Each year, students in middle and high school are outpaced further and further by their textbooks, with no way to catch up. If the financial goal is attained by March 16th, teachers and educators will have a tool in the classroom that will allow them to serve the same concepts to all students, at their independent reading level, and will automatically adapt the level they receive as they  improve.

How it  works:

  • Students and teachers access articles through an online learning platform or they can print them  out.
  • All levels of each article will contain the same essential concepts, but at varying levels of linguistic  complexity. This enables all students in the classroom to participate in the same discussions.
  • Teachers can now focus on planning lessons instead of wasting time scavenging for accessible text that is applicable to every individual student (an impossible  feat).

“During my 7 years in the classroom in urban Los Angeles, I struggled to find ways to teach struggling students the required content and grow their independent reading level,” said Brendan Finch, CEO and Founder. “Students deserve a tool that teaches the rigorous content they need to learn and gives them the skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom.  Teachers deserve a tool to help them reach every student in their classroom and to save them time on grading and making sure their text challenges both their most advanced and struggling  students.”

BirdBrain’s tools are currently the lowest cost adaptive curriculum tool on the market, at  $4/student/year.

About Bird Brain  Education

Birdbrain Education is an education technology company that creates simple solutions to crush the literacy gap, allowing every student to learn and driving them to become college-ready. We write original, standards-based, articles at multiple reading levels. Teachers choose an article, we diagnose their students’ reading levels, and serve each student the same content at their independent reading level.  The goal is to close the literacy gap with technology tools. The company’s first product, BirdBrain Science, has already served more than 70,000 students and teachers worldwide. It is currently the lowest cost adaptive curriculum tool on the  market.

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