Cuomo Faces Jewish Group Revolt Due to Abortion Position


Governor Andrew Cuomo’s push to pass new abortion legislation raised the ire of Jewish community activists in New York City.

Community Guardians Group, a social-issues grassroots team that helped deliver the upset victories of Republicans Bob Turner in Anthony Weiner’s former district and David Storobin in the heart of Democratic Brooklyn, rejected Governor Cuomo’s abortion bill as a real danger to women masquerading as women’s rights.

The “Reproductive Rights Act” allows an abortion even if the fetus is viable up until the moment of birth, in the case where it’s being done to preserve a woman’s health.  But there is no definition or standard for what is “necessary to preserve a woman’s health”, warned the group, creating a pretext that could seriously endanger vulnerable women.

The proposed legislation also removes criminal penalties for killing a woman in the performance of an abortion, and removes the term “unborn child” from the law of homicide.

“Advances in medical technology like sonograms have confirmed what common-sense morality has advised all along,” saidDovid Z. Schwartz, Director of CGG, “that a growing and developing fetus in a mother’s womb is a living human being who deserves protection.

“The current practice of abortion not only treats an unborn child as worthless, it also demeans women. The efforts to promote abortion in the name of women’s rights strengthens the attitude that women should engage in promiscuous conduct. Women do not need another excuse to act irresponsibly, they need to appreciate themselves by valuing their God-given ability to bring new life into the world. Make no mistake, there are grievous repercussions – physical, emotional, psychological, and societal – for ending the life of an unborn child when anything less than the life of the mother is at stake,” said Mr. Schwartz.

Governor Cuomo has claimed the legislation is necessary in the event the United States Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that held a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion.  But following the Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme Court found that states need not grant full and unfettered access to abortion on demand, and many types of regulations of abortion are permitted.  Governor Cuomo’s bill, however, goes far beyond federal law in declaring abortion a “fundamental right.”

CGG will target lawmakers who support the expansion of abortion under this or other laws.

Even though CGG is a Jewish organization, nevertheless non-Jews are also prohibited from performing abortions according to the Seven Laws of the Children of Noah.  This Code of law applies to all Noah’s descendants, and therefore even non-Jews are prohibited from performing abortions.

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